Puppy Hilariously Fails At Grabbing Ice Cube Not 6 Inches From His Face

Doesn’t it often seem like our goals are slippery ice cubes we just can’t hold on to? No? Well, this video is cute anyway.

Written by
Stephanie Brown

Life’s tough. Sometimes what you really want is just out of reach. You plan. You give it your all. You beg, plead, scratch and claw. And still… nothing.

The puppy in this YouTube video, posted by RM Videos, feels you. All he wants in life is to grab an ice cube. A nice frosty, delicious ice cube. But despite how hard he tries to reach it from under a doggy gate, it always manages to escape his grasp.

Almost. Via RM Videos/YouTube

Almost. Via RM Videos/YouTube

He flails his furry puppy arms awkwardly in the ice cube’s general direction. At one point it seems like he’s got it, but then the slippery prize pops out of his paws. Even a little assistance from a human friend can’t keep that ice cube from staying put.

"Nooooo! Ice-cube, come back to me!" Via RM Videos/YouTube

“Nooooo! Ice-cube, come back to me!” Via RM Videos/YouTube

Keep on reaching for that ice cube, little puppers. We believe in you and know that one day your dreams of chewing on frozen water will come true.

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