Puppy Lends A Helping Paw To Another Puppy Trying To Climb Onto A Bed

When a puppy struggled to climb onto a bed, another puppy was there to give her a boost.

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"Look, I'm in a hurry to relax, so let me help you."
Chrissa Hardy

When you’re in a jam, it’s always nice to have a friend there who can help you out.

And in a video uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog, a 3-month-old puppy named Moo Ping helps out a smaller 1-month-old puppy named Khao Neaw who has trouble climbing up onto a bed.

Via ViralHog/YouTube

“You can do it, Khao! Just use those puppy muscles!” Via ViralHog/YouTube

Moo Ping clearly hates seeing his tiny friend struggle, so at first, he lends a helping paw to Khao Neaw.

Via ViralHog/YouTube

“Okay, fine. I’ll give you a push.” Via ViralHog/YouTube

But when he can’t pull her up, Moo jumps down and gives her a boost with his nose.

Via ViralHog/YouTube

“Cool, cool. Now let’s go back to sleep, yeah?” Via ViralHog/YouTube

When she’s up on the bed, Moo hops up there with her, most likely so they can settle in to a well-deserved puppy nap.

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