Puppy Fights Sleep While Listening to Guitar

There’s nothing like the calming effects of music.


 Ahon Sarkar/YouTube

Some music makes us happy; other music makes us sad. There is music to dance to and music to relax to. For me, the songs of Joshua Radin fall into that latter category. For others it may be Coldplay or Ben Howard. For a puppy named Nyx, it was the soothing sound of an acoustic guitar.

Ahon Sarkar posted a video on YouTube of Nyx lying in an open crate. Nyx appears a little antsy… until the music starts. He lays his head down on the soft blanket and – just as a child who’s afraid of missing something would – fights the urge to sleep.

The dog’s adorable brown eyes open and close for quite some time until finally he gives in. Don’t worry, Nyx. You’re not missing anything.

How does your dog react to music? Tell us in the comments below.

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