Golden Retriever Puppy Utterly Confused By Door Stop

This puppy doesn't understand the purpose of the door stop, and she definitely doesn't trust it.

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"What ARE you? And what do you want?!"

Our world must be awfully confusing for a puppy — and for one in particular, it’s especially baffling, what with our crazy home hardware and all.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Anna Linden, a Golden Retriever puppy named Gracie just cannot figure out what in the heck a door stop is.

"You were sent here to spy on me, right?" Via YouTube

“You were sent here to spy on me, right?” Via YouTube

She tries her best to understand what the motives of the door stop might be, but it just sits there, smugly sticking out of the wall and mocking her.

AND THEN, when her owner flicks the door stop, the monster makes a strange “boooiiinnnnngggg” vibration and rapidly moves back and forth.

"Boooiiiinnnnnggg os not a sound a friend makes, you sketchy wall stick."Via YouTube

“Boooiiiinnnnnggg is not a sound a friend makes, you shady wall stick.” Via YouTube

What do you want, door stop? TELL GRACIE WHAT YOU WANT.

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