Behold: The Best Moments From Puppy Bowl 2016

If you missed the 2016 Puppy Bowl, or would just prefer to relive the extreme cuteness, here are the highlights.

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TOUCHDOWNNNNN! Via Animal Planet
Chrissa Hardy

Oh, was the Super Bowl on yesterday? Because Puppy Bowl XII was much too thrilling to abandon and check on the Denver Broncos/Carolina Panthers game.

We mean, congrats to Peyton Manning and his team for becoming champs of Super Bowl 50, and to Beyonce, of course, for continuing to dominate the live performance game.

But the real action was happening on Animal Planet, where teams of adorable puppies adorably battled on the Puppy Bowl field. Team Ruff defeated Team Fluff, 70-44, with Star, a Chow Chow/Labrador mix from Team Ruff, earning the title of MVP after scoring three touchdowns

If you were unable to catch the doggie drama that went down at the Puppy Bowl, here are some of the best moments.

1. When Darby took advantage of an opening and scored two touchdowns.

Darby is one smart player.

2. When a tiny puppy named Timon snuck a touchdown by everyone.

Proof that size clearly doesn’t matter.

3. When Star scored a double touchdown like it was NBD.


Move over Queen Bey, because Star just slayed this game.

4. When the Kiss Cam was almost too cute to handle.

No smooch is better than a puppy smooch.

5. When a shy pup named Posey motivated her team to score.

Posey is the perfect example of an underdog.

6. When Star was named Puppy Bowl XII’s MVP!

She SO deserved it.

7. When kittens took over Al-Cat-Traz during the Kitty Halftime Show.

They couldn’t be scary if they tried.

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