Puppy Alerts Family to Gas Leak

Adopting a puppy proves life-saving for a Michigan family.

A 3-month-old Husky-mix named Hunter saved his new family’s lives by alerting them to a gas leak in the middle of the night. Adopted from the Michigan Humane Society at a Petco adoption center, just two weeks prior to the incident has quickly made himself a invaluable member of the McLarty family. 

Watch an interview with Hunter’s family:


The young pup became restless around midnight after the whole house had gone to bed. Mom, Jill took him outside but was surprised to see him sit outside continuing to cry.

Jill let him back to bed where Hunter wouldn’t stop whining and eventually he began running in circles in the hallway before leading Jill into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, Hunter sat next to the stove.  Jill looked around him and noticed that one of the gas stove burners was on low, without a flame, causing gas to leak into the house.

The Mclarty’s figure the gas had been on and leaking for about 6 hours. 


Hunter the Hero dog


“He is the first dog we ever adopted (from MHS) and I would recommend it to anybody,” says Tim McLarty, Jill’s husband. “And as cliché as it sounds, the life you save may save yours.”


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