Puppy Adorably Confused By Baby Carrot

A Golden Retriever puppy came across a baby carrot and had no idea what to make of it.

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What’s the deal with baby carrots? Via Jnt436/Rumble
Stephanie Brown

Watching baby animals experience something for the first time is always a treat. Everything is so new and strange to them. They have to figure out if the new thing is a friend. Or is it a foe? Is it edible?

Those questions seem to be running through one puppy’s mind when he encounters a baby carrot.

In a delightful Rumble Viral video, we see a Golden Retriever puppy struggling to figure out what the heck a baby carrot is. And this baby carrot looks very suspicious. Why, it’s orange for one thing. And small. And it doesn’t move. It just sits there. What’s up with that?

"What is this thing?" Via Jnt436 /Rumble

“What is this thing?” Via Jnt436/Rumble

The puppy smells the carrot, pounces on it and smells it some more.

Eventually the puppy confirms that the carrot is no foe and, yes, it is edible. Mystery solved.

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