Puppies Go Nuts Over Homemade Play Center

With just some strings and empty bottles, these puppies found the perfect play place.

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This is basically their Disneyland. Via Starhill Golden Retrievers/Facebook

It turns out, watching a bunch of puppies be endlessly entertained by empty bottles on strings is endlessly entertaining.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Starhill Golden Retrievers, a pack of puppies has a blast with their new homemade play center.

Via Starhill Golden Retrievers/Facebook

The cuteness is almost too much. Via Starhill Golden Retrievers/Facebook

The pups walk through a curtain of empty containers and toys hanging from strings and are so overloaded with things to bite and tug on that all seem to do laps around it.

The sheer amazement on all of their little puppy faces is sure to melt even the coldest of hearts. And it’s also somewhat therapeutic to see them all overcome with such innocent joy.

Feel free to play this video on a never-ending loop, just as we are.

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