Pugs Get Their Sci-Fi On In ‘Star Wars’ Themed Parade

The 16th annual Oregon Humane Society Pug Crawl broke records with an estimated crowd of 2,200 people and 800 Pugs.

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Pugs and their owners embraced their love of science fiction at this year's parade. Via Oregon Humane Society
Cari Jorgensen

Sure, you’ve probably heard of a pub crawl where you travel from bar to bar downing various drinks. Then there’s the pub(lishers) crawl that involves listening to a panel of people in the publishing industry. But the best crawl has to be the Pug Crawl, put on annually by the Oregon Humane Society. And yes, this crawl involves Pugs. And microbrew beer.

The 16th annual parade took place May 22 in Northwest Portland, outside of the Portland Brewing Company Taproom. This year’s theme was “Star Wars: The Pug Awakens,” and by all accounts the event was a huge success.

An estimated 2,200 people and 800 Pugs turned out for the parade — twice as high as last year’s attendance and breaking the previous record, according to the Oregon Humane Society’s blog.

The theme was out of this world. Via Oregon Humane Society/Facebook

The theme was out of this world. Via Oregon Humane Society/Facebook

Could it have been the theme? Pugs were dressed up in full “Star Wars” gear, showing off their love of sci-fi. We totally wish we had been there.

1. Yoda Pug rides in style.

Why walk? He’s Yoda.

2. These Pugs may have more style than Yoda.


3. Showing off her 1st place costume.

Oregon Humane Society/YouTube

You go, Helga the Hutt!

4. Rey and BB8 join the parade.

Does the skittish-but-loyal characteristic of BB8 suit a Pug?

5. It’s X-Wing Pug!

This Rebel Alliance starfighter may want some treats for his bravery.

6. Han Solo and Pugcess Leia march in the parade.

Shouldn’t princesses be carried?

7. Here comes the AT-AT!

This All Terrain Armored Transport just got Pug-ified.

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