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Pug Relaxing In Pool Does Summer Better Than Anyone

This pug snoozes in a pool while rocking a pair of shades and snoring loudly. He's clearly the winner of summer.

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In the summertime, livin' sure is easy for this Pug.

We could all take a lesson or two about summer livin’ from this Pug.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by user Meg Frost, a Pug is found lying on its back in a pool (that looks more like a large plastic bowl) with its feet in the air and loudly snoring away. Oh, and the Pug is also rocking a sweet pair of sunglasses.

“Wake me when it’s Labor Day.” Via YouTube

This dog seriously knows how to live. With zero cares in the world, the dog has all four paws pointed to the sky in a pose that says, “This is what success looks like.” Because doesn’t everyone’s fantasy include being lazy and napping in the sunshine?

Bow down to the winner of summer.

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