Pug Puts Sticks to Skins for In an Epic “Enter Sandman” Performance

This drum playing Pug is the cutest musician you've ever seen.

I still remember the first time I heard Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. It might have even been the first heavy metal song I ever heard. I was a little kid, and my older brother played it for me and even though there weren’t any bad words in the lyrics, somehow I felt like it was something I was not supposed to hear. Today, I’m older and I can handle that kind of music. However, it wasn’t until I saw this video posted on YouTube that I found out that a Pug in sunglasses was playing the drums all along:

Posted to YouTube by Kirakos Kazakos, a sound engineer and music composer just a few weeks ago, this little dog has nearly earned 1,000,000 views. His Pug does not seem to be able to play any other songs on the drums, but due to this videos success I’m sure it won’t be long until Drum Dog takes over the household place of Keyboard Cat.

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