Pug Puppy Angry at Pug Papa for Not Helping Him Back on the Scooter

Sometimes a parent just can’t be bothered by his child’s temper tantrum.



I bet most of us have witnessed a child’s tantrum. My then 15-month-old nephew yelled at my sister-in-law – pointing a finger and babbling – because she wouldn’t let him have soda. When I worked in a daycare, I saw a child throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming because the hat he was wearing had a tear in it. While the Pug puppy in this video isn’t having a fit because of a treat he can’t have or a broken item, he is definitely mad at his dad.

This pug puppy wants back on the ride motorcycle!

Posted by ViralHog on Monday, October 12, 2015

Papa Pug is riding his scooter with their human child, and Pug puppy was supposed to join them. Dad and son got on the back, but once the scooter moved, Pug puppy fell off. He barked and barked (we assume he was yelling at Papa Pug to help him back on), but Papa Pug ignored the little guy. He was too busy enjoying his awesome scooter ride.

Check out their scooter adventure above and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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