Pug Overview

Find out if the Pug breed is for you.

Pug puppyIf you have a clown-like personality and a puckish sense of humor, you will have much in common with your Pug. This is a breed that can provide endless hours of amusement and will be only too happy for you to join in with his fun and games. Whether you live a sedentary lifestyle or a rather more active one, you can be sure that your Pug will fit in.

As an owner in the more active category, you will enjoy taking your Pug for short walks. As this is a short-nosed breed, you should always keep an eye on the weather. Don’t allow your dog to get too hot. Be prepared to make stops along the way and take caution if your Pug starts breathing heavily. It is always a good idea to carry along a supply of drinking water to quench your Pugs thirst when walking and exercising.

For a Pug, simple games in the fenced yard are good fun and will help to exercise those muscles. It is important to remember that although your Pug is only a little person (in more ways than one), he will need some regular exercise. Of course, he will want you to join him in this.

If you are as much fun as your Pug, then you will have a happy, lively disposition. Though even-tempered, you probably carry a bit of a stubborn streak, which means that you can be strong-willed. Although you enjoy meeting people and show an outward friendliness toward strangers, it really is your nearest and dearest that you love the most! You are quite fearless by nature, which can sometimes get you into a bit of trouble, but you are certainly not aggressive (although you might just show a little temper when jealousy rears its head). In truth, you love warmth and affection and will accept as much as you can get. If all of these aforementioned personality traits apply to you, then you and your Pug are almost blood brothers already! Pugs are known to thrive on their humans affection and can never get enough companionship.

If there are children in your life, you will have to teach them to respect the little figure of canine comedy that has entered your home and family. In general, Pugs seem to show special affection toward children, but you must take care that tiny fingers do not get poked into your Pugs gloriously globular eyes. Always remember that however good a dogs temperament, his patience should never be tested to its limits.

Maybe you want a competent watchdog but have neither the space nor physical strength to take on one of the giant breeds, in which case maybe the Pug is just the breed for you. Although small in stature, the Pug has a surprisingly deep bark and can certainly give potential intruders the impression that a much larger dog is inside guarding your house! The Pug is always ready to give a good bark when the doorbell rings, so if you are a little hard of hearing, you can be sure your Pug will let you know if a visitor has arrived.

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