PSA About A Man And His Dog Will Make You Cry, Probably More Than Once

A public service announcement for a liver transplant organization in Argentina beautifully shows the bond between a dog and his human.

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Warning: This PSA will break your heart.

Before you press the play button on this video, you need to be prepared. Close your office door and grab a box of tissues. Yes, it’s that moving and that powerful.

This beautiful, tragic 90-second public service announcement, uploaded to Youtube yesterday by DDB International, is called “The Man and The Dog.” It was created for Fundación Argentina de Transplante Hepático, a nonprofit liver transplant organization in Argentina, but it also highlights the unending, unmatched loyalty that we pet owners are so fortunate to receive.

The elderly man in the spot is inseparable from his four-legged best friend. They wake up together, spend their days together and never seem to be more than a few feet from each other. And when the man suffers some kind of medical emergency (while the two of them are sitting beside each other on the sofa), his dog goes with him to the hospital, too. The dog waits in the rain, he waits during the long days and he waits while hospital staff members walk past him, his head between his paws.

This is the part where your heart breaks.

This is the part where your heart breaks. Via YouTube

In the touching final scenes, a woman in a wheelchair is guided out of the hospital and the dog raises his head in recognition, implying that his loving owner was the organ donor who saved her life. This PSA is so well done and will definitely stay with you after it ends. Now could you hand us a tissue? We’ve used all of our own.

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