Proud Aristocrat

Beneath the Afghan Hound's sophisticated exterior lies a truly delighful companion.

Call it a battle of wills. Nicole Newkirk knew her black-masked, red Afghan Zara was well-hydrated and that she’d have to go out in the middle of the night if she drank any more water before bedtime. Zara, whose name means princess, had other ideas.

First she barked at the water dish on the porch. “No,” Newkirk said. Next, she fixed Newkirk’s visiting father with a long, hard stare, thinking he might be an easier target. “No,” Newkirk’s father said. Zara trotted to the kitchen sink, hoisted her front end up, and pawed at the faucet, whining mournfully. “When will she stop?” Newkirk’s father asked. Newkirk responded, “When I give in.”

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