Protect Your Bird from Smoke

Follow these tips to protect your bird from toxins in the air from a fire

Birds are sensitive to smoke and ash in the air. Use these precautionary steps to protect your birds from smoke and toxins in the air if there are wildfires in your area.

  • Shut all of your doors and windows
  • Put fans throughout your house to keep air flowing
  • Turn on your air conditioner
  • Run a Hepa filter in your bird room

Dr. Larry Nemetz, an avian veterinarian at the Bird Clinic in Orange, California, warned that there could be toxins in the soot from the fire. Nemetz said keep an eye on your birds and provide plenty of fluids and fresh air.

If you have concerns or questions about your bird’s health, always seek the advice of a veterinarian who specializes in avian care, said Dan Hill, vice president and managing director of The Lily Sanctuary in Westminster, California. “It is equally important to recognize that damage to the respiratory system could lead to other related problems soon after the smoke and ash has gone,” Hill said.

Drape a damp blanket or towel over your bird’s cage to help keep out the particles from the ash in the air, Hill said. If you are using a towel, make sure that it is not too saturated with water. Otherwise, it could prevent air from passing through the material.

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