Prosthetic Limbs Give Abused Pit Bull a Better Life

After her back paws were amputated by an abusive owner, a dog receives the gift of a lifetime.

It breaks my heart whenever I hear about animal abuse. But my heart is whole again when the story ends well. This instance was no different.

A Pit Bull named Goody got to where she wanted to be by pulling herself with her front paws, a necessity she acquired after an abusive previous owner amputated her back paws, TODAY reports. Luckily, Goody’s path crossed with a sympathetic dog trainer named Amy Felts.

Through patience and her professional experience with dogs, Felts worked hard to rehabilitate Goody both physically and mentally. However, the Pit Bull still had trouble getting around.

“It’s not good for her, but she is amazing. [She has] incredible upper body strength so she carries herself, her entire weight on her front paws,” Felts told TODAY. “I can tell that it is painful to her. But she is very stoic and stubborn.”

Her tendency to be stoic and stubborn might be what helps her through the next chapter in her life: prosthetic limbs.

OrthoPets provided the prosthetics based from casts that Dallas veterinarian Douglas Strammel made of Goody’s legs. An emotional Strammel discussed the process in the video above and attached the prosthetic limbs to the dog when they were ready.



“Amazing… truly amazing, she’s, she’s a good dog and what’s she doing, I was not expecting this,” Strammel said, according to TODAY. “I was hoping we would get them on, I was going to be thrilled if she would stand, and she’s standing there without issues going, ‘OK mom, let’s walk.’ She’s a trooper.”

That she is.

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