Proposal To Require Training Before Adopting Dogs

New York assemblywoman introduces proposal that would require those adopting dogs to complete a training course.

New York State Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington introduced a bill last month that would strengthen animal cruelty laws and attempt to reduce incidents of animal cruelty in an effort to ensure the humane treatment of animals in the state, according to the proposal.

Proposed changes include requiring those who adopt a dog or cat from a shelter to complete a training program before receiving the pet. The program would incorporate teaching how to properly care for a dog or cat and inform the new owners of the penalties associated with animal cruelty charges. The training would be required for adults and children ages 6 and older.

Additionally, the bill calls for adding penalties to those convicted of animal cruelty, court-ordered psychiatric analysis for those who have committed animal cruelty and calls for to change the social service law so that those who are required to report child abuse are also required to report incidents of animal abuse.

The bill would amend the state’s Agriculture and Markets Law, and has been referred to the Committee on Agriculture where members will decide whether the state assembly should vote on the issue.

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