Proof Russian Blue Cats Are Really Just Misunderstood Introverts

The timid Russian Blue’s idiosyncrasies make for a reserved cat, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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At social gatherings, the Russian Blue prefers to stick with the people he knows. Via Andrea Campi/Flickr
Katrina Rossos

Russian Blues can be shy and nervous around strangers. They favor predictability and are often described as quiet. Sound like someone you know?

This sheepish beed is sensitive to unfamiliar surroundings and people, but don’t let their anxious, persnickety ways deter you from loving a Blue. Once they choose you, they will shower you with affection and attention every day!

Here are eight photos that prove Russian Blue cats are simply furry introverts.

1. They give you “the look” when forced to entertain your neighbor’s kids.

2. A ringing doorbell means your Russian Blue conveniently will not be around for mindless chit-chat.

3. They have a secret “safe place” for when social anxiety kicks in.

4. They dislike big gatherings almost as much as they hate going to the doctor.

5. A sense of dread overcomes them upon receipt of an email with the subject line: “Someone has tagged you on Facebook.”

6. Infringing upon a Russian Blues alone time is a huge no-no. 

7. Parties can take a lot out of them.

8. But once they recharge, they’re down from some quality time with loved ones.

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