Proof Of Dog Intelligence: Dog Thinks Twice Before Stealing Ball From Cat

Proof of human stupidity: Man encourages dog to try and steal ball from cat anyway.

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When you want something so bad but you know it's so bad for you.

One dog’s restraint in grabbing a ball from a cat is remarkable, especially because fetch is so totally fun and the dog’s owner seems to be encouraging the dog to grab it.

A YouTube video, posted by user Skyler Scheere, shows the dog hesitating to grab a ball that’s in front of a cat. A human arm keeps entering the frame and pointing to the ball.

We all know the ball is there, dude. Via Skyler Scheere/YouTube

We all know the ball is there, dude. Via Skyler Scheere/YouTube

It’s pretty clear the dog already knows the ball is there and also already knows that grabbing it from the cat would be unwise. The cat’s face says so much. Or, really, one thing: Try me, dog.

"I knew this was a bad idea." Via Skyler Scheere/YouTube

“I knew this was a bad idea.” Via Skyler Scheere/YouTube

The dog is clearly conflicted. Ball = fun. Ball = human approval. Ball = certain scratching and getting jacked. The dog knows the truth. Stay woke, dog.

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