Project Bay Cat

City officials, animal lovers and volunteers work together to care for Foster City, Calif.?s, stray cats.

Foster City, California. It’s a quiet Sunday morning in late November. The early morning fog shrouds the San Mateo Bay Bridge, and the sun attempts to break through the mist giving clarity to the rocks and undergrowth along the Bay Trail that hugs the coastline’s gentle curves. The only movement in this tranquility comes from fishermen casting rods along the rocks and an elderly couple strolling the pathway with their chocolate Labrador.

An SUV drives up and parks at a spot known as Kitty Beach. As local resident Cimeron Morrissey climbs out, the sound of her voice and the rustle of a carrier laden with cans of cat food instantly changes the quietude of this “Kodak moment.”

Drawn by Morrissey’s presence, stray cats emerge from hiding places between the rocks and the tall underbrush. Some come running and flop down at her feet. Others casually stroll closer, while more furry faces appear and watch from their posts. Within minutes, the entire area bustles with cats — 20, possibly more.

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