Program Finds the Country’s ‘Feistiest Felines and Cat Fanatics’

Animal Planet travels coast to coast to find cat fans for its show "Must Love Cats" debuting Feb. 12.

This February, Animal Planet says it will “eat, sleep and breathe cats” during the series “Must Love Cats.”

Songwriting and cat-loving host John Fulton has traveled across the country to meet the most talented tabbies, quirkiest kittens, enthusiastic cat owners and experts in the United States. He has also taken the time and opportunity to write songs about them.

Each episode of “Must Love Cats” focuses on a specific region of the country featuring visits to several states, where Fulton explores the greatest cat tales. Highlights of the trip include:

  • A visit to Caboodle Ranch in Florida, home to more than 500 cats and a resident cat wrangler.
  • A town in Texas famous for its population of fat cats and the residents who adore them.
  • A trek to the catnip fields of Washington to learn all about the mystery herb that drives cats crazy.
  • A stake-out of a “klepto kitty” in California that has stolen hundreds of its neighbors’ belongings, followed by a visit to a local coffee house where Fulton samples the rare delicacy, coffee made from beans scooped out of “cat poop.”
  • A stop in Washington D.C., to witness the emotional bonds between cats and our nation’s veterans.
  • A trip to New York City, to meet a group of working felines that keep the city that never sleeps operational, and to catch a cat fashion show.
  • A journey to the Midwest that sends Fulton to a lab in Minnesota to identify the best kitty litter, and lands him face to whisker in Indiana with the world’s most famous lasagna loving cat, Garfield.

    The “cat quest” starts Feb. 12  and runs for six weeks.

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