Profiles of the 2014 Top Sires in the Toy Group

Some breeders and owners tell us more about their top producers.

The sires listed below are top producers according to official AKC records Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2014.



1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport.
2. Provide a brief biography of your sire’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder.
3. Briefly describe the highlights of your sire’s show career.
4. What is significant about the breeding that produced him, his sire and dam or the dogs behind him?
5. Are there two or three traits that you feel he is particularly prepotent for?

BIS SBIS Ch. Altanero Barnstormer
Miniature Pinscher
Owners:  Kim Byrd, Susan P. Goldman and Joanne Wilds

1. Ace’s owner and handler Kim Byrd has almost 30 years’ experience in breeding and showing Miniature Pinschers and Basenjis.  She has bred and shown Best in Show and specialty winners in both breeds and has competed with her dogs, in conformation, both in the United States and Europe.  She has had a two-time World Winner and was honored with a Best of Show at the world show in Munich, Germany.  However, when she saw Ace as a baby puppy in the pen she practically begged Susan Goldman to have him.  She told Mrs. Goldman she knew he would be a great one!
2. Ace’s breeders are Mrs. Susan P. Goldman (Altanero) and Ms. Joanne Wilds.  Mrs. Goldman originally came from breeding and showing Doberman Pinschers.
3. Ace started his show career in 2006 with a Group 3 from the puppy class and consistently ranked in the Top 5 breed and all breed for his three year show career.  He received an All Breed Best In Show and several specialty wins.  Ace won the 2007 MPCA Top 20 and went on the following year to win the MPCA National and the stud dog class.  He retired from the show ring with a Westminster Kennel Club Award of Merit.  In 2014 Ace was awarded an Award of Merit from the Veteran’s class at the MPCA National Specialty.  He was handled throughout his career by Kim Byrd.  He is spending his stud dog days relaxing with Kim in Powhatan, Virginia.
4. Susan Goldman’s 40 years experience in breeding and showing Dobermans and Miniature Pinschers gave her the wherewithal to design Ace by combining an incredible Dam line that was led by the 1994 Dam of the Year and Hall of Fame bitch Ch. Sanbrook Wrapped in Silk. Susan believes you always breed to a stud dog that is out of a very good bitch, therefore by breeding Ch. Altanero Mirra Image (co-owned by Ms. Wilds) to her stud dog, Ch. Chakara’s Madd Max, who came from a very strong bitch line, produced our beautiful Ace. 
5. We feel Ace is prepotent for producing arch of neck, correct hackney gait and movement, and toplines.  He is a stag red and usually produces that dark red color in his puppies.  Ace is an MPCA Hall of Fame Sire and is well on his way to being an MPCA Register of Merit Sire. 


Gold GCh. Dunkirk Imagine That
Owners: Marcia Merrill, Timothy Reese, Randy Winters

1. Timothy Reese and Randy Winters, Dunkirk Pekingese, began exhibiting and breeding Pekingese in 1989 after having bred and exhibited Poodles and Shih Tzu for many years. To date we have bred 108 Pekingese champions, including 11 all-breed and Specialty Best in Show winners, including the first two Grand Champions in the breed and a National Specialty Best in Show winner.
2. N/A
3. Gold Grand Champion Dunkirk Imagine That, ‘Tommy,’ was the last puppy produced by his dam, Ch. Dunkirk By Invitation Only, who herself is a PCA Registry Dam of Merit. She is the litter sister to our top-winning Ch. Dunkirk I’m Gonna Live Forever, ‘Fame,’ who has the distinction of being the first and only Pekingese to win the National Specialty from the Veterans Class, under Judge Edd Bivin. Tommy’s sire, Ch. Dunkirk Choice for Richbob, is also a PCA Registry Sire of Merit, having the distinction of having produced 12 puppies of which 11 finished their AKC championships. Tommy has been in the top three winning Pekingese in the breed and the Group system since he began his specials career four years ago. He is the second Gold Grand Champion in the breed. He is a multiple all-breed and Specialty Best in Show winner.
4. Tommy is a closely bred male, going back to Ch. Katering’s To Be Continued, ‘Toby,’ and Ch. Pendenrah’s Peggy Ann of St. Aubrey, several times. These two dogs are the foundation of the Dunkirk Pekingese line. Nigel Aubrey-Jones fell in love with Toby, and when visiting England, found a bitch that he wanted to bring back to us to be bred to Toby. Those matings produced all females, which became the foundation for all our dogs.

5. Every puppy that Tommy has produced has finished its championship as well, including a multiple Best in Show-winning male, Ch. Dunkirk Imperial Palace Paramount.

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