Profiles of 2015 Top-Producing Dams in the Hound Group

Some breeders and owners tell us more about their top producers.

The dams listed below are top producers according to official AKC records Jan. 1, 2015, through Dec. 31, 2015.



1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport.

2. Provide a brief biography of your dam’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder.

3. Briefly describe the highlights of your dam’s show career.

4. What is significant about the breeding that produced her?

5. What two or three traits do you feel she is particularly strong in passing along to her offspring?

Ch. Candyland Stellar Legacy
Basset Hound
Owners: Sue and Russ Riggle

1. & 2. Candyland, a small family-owned Basset Hound kennel, was founded in 1983 by Sue and Russ Riggle. All of our Bassets are owner-handled, many finishing from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.

3. Ch. Candyland Stellar Legacy (‘Stella’) finished her championship with three majors before the age of 18 months. She was shown exclusively in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.

4. Stella was bred to our French import Ch. Hamilton Van Hollandheim and produced a litter of nine puppies on February 15, 2014. By the close of 2015, seven of this litter had finished their championships, with one earning a Grand Championship in 2015. This earned both Stella and Hamilton their Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA) breeding title of Register Of Merit. This also earned Stella the title of BHCA’s Top Producing Bitch for 2015.

5. Stella has passed on her excellent conformation and wonderful, showy attitude to her offspring.


GCh. Jazzman Know When To Hold ‘Em
Black and Tan Coonhound
Owner: Zoe Bolin

1. & 2. GCh. Jazzman Know When To Hold ‘Em (‘Hope’) was bred by Zoe Bolin. See sire section for more.

3. Hope began her show career at 6 months old by going Best of Opposite Sex over specials for majors and finished her champion title out of the 6-9 Month puppy class. Hope was never truly convinced that she wanted to be a show dog. She was shown until she was 18 months old, amassing 52 Grand Champion points. The highlight of Hope’s show career was winning the Scenthound Sweepstakes Group at the Hound Classic hosted by the Western Hound Association of Southern California in 2012.

4. Hope’s parents were bred specifically to produce a bitch that would, in the future, be bred to a half- sibling, a dog having the same sire. That dog, GCh. Jazzman Comebacker (‘Baxter’), is the 2015 Top Sire in our breed.

5. Hope passes along her outstanding balance, beautiful movement and soulful expression.


Am. Can. Ch. Northwoods Jantar Timeless Love
Owner: Rita Walker


1. This year marks four wonderful decades with Borzoi under the Jantar (Perm. Reg.) prefix. Jantar is home to several MSBIS, MSBOS champions. I continue to maintain a small albeit successful breeding program significantly bred on the Majenkir bloodline of Karen Staudt-Cartabona.

2. ‘Maeve,’ Am. Can. Ch. Northwoods Jantar Timeless Love, was bred by Lauri and Jim Anderson (North Woods), Barbara Todd (Zcerlov) and Karen Staudt-Cartabona (Majenkir). Together, they have more than 100 years of breed experience and success with many BIS, SBIS, Top Producers and top-winning Field Champions.

3. Maeve easily finished her Canadian championship title in one weekend, undefeated in the classes, including a Group placement. Her AKC title was no less impressive, with wins from the classes over top-ranked specials, all owner-handled. At the 2013 BCOA National, judge Bo Bengtson awarded her Best Brood bitch over very competitive entries.

4. She is the result of using 22-year-old frozen semen. The miracle of modern science at its best! Her sire, Ch. Zcerlov’s Reactor, ‘Nukes,’ bred by Barbara Todd, was whelped in 1982!

5. In both of Maeve’s litters, she was bred to outstanding males, and well matched with the same or similar attributes. Maeve’s strength is her incredibly beautiful and sound movement. I see this same movement in her two daughters here at Jantar, both the pick bitches from each litter, and now specialty winners.


Chiaramenti d’Lea, SC, CM
Cirneco dell’Etna
Owners: Jerrilyn Gates and Phillip Qualls


1. & 2. I, Jerrilyn Gates, started in Pharaoh Hounds in 1984 and enjoyed several successful years in the show ring and especially the coursing field. Jericho Pharaohs had many top running, multiple Best in Field dogs. In 1998 my first Cirneco came into my life, captured my heart, and d’Lea Cirnechi was formed. After managing to find and import some beautiful dogs from breeders in Europe, I had the litter that included my wonderful ‘Kia.’

3. Only having two in her litter, they were both promised to other homes. After a couple of years, Kia was returned to me. It was quickly decided that she was going to stay. Kia earned several Best in Miscellaneous Class awards. Due to her age, and the fact that I had her offspring, I held off on showing her. Once in the ring, she gained her majors quickly and now needs only a single point to finish. Kia also has a major toward her Field Championship.

4. Her sire is from a small hunting kennel in Italy, and her dam is from a prominent show line in Belgium. She is a natural show dog with a keen hunting instinct.

5. My dear friend and fellow breeder Nancy Wight has this to say: “It is always an honor to be asked by the owner of a stunning bitch to use your stud dog, and when Jerri Gates (who has a world of experience in Cirnechi) asked me about using my dog, ‘Vito’, on her gorgeous bitch Kia, I was honored… the result of that combination has gone on to be nothing less than history-making. Kia is not only a conformational powerhouse, but her pedigree, racing ability and dear, kind temperament will doubtlessly influence Cirnechi for generations to come.”


Ch. Pramada’s She’s So California Of Koradox
Dachshund (Standard Longhaired)

Owner: Thomas Sikora and Margaret E. Peat

1. & 2. I am a second-generation Standard Longhaired Dachshund breeder following my parents’ start of Pramada Kennels in early 1970s. Pramada has bred over 75 Dachshund champions, including the only Longhaired Dachshund to win the Group at Westminster and the sire of three National Specialty variety winners. Pramada is proud to have worked with other Longhaired Dachshund breeders throughout the world.

Tom Sikora, Koradox, began in 2006 but didn’t get involved in Standard Longhairs until 2010. In just a short time, Koradox has been established as a respected breeder of Standard Longhair Dachshunds. Koradox and Pramada work closely together to produce Standard Longhair Dachshunds that are recognized worldwide.

3. ‘Cali’ was not a big fan of the show ring — she preferred to make her mark in the whelping box.

4. After starting my career in the late ‘90s, I took a long break from showing and breeding. When I decided to resume breeding Longhair Dachshunds in late 2003, I got two dogs that went back to our Westminster winner. These two dogs were Ch. Insight Rumohasit At Pramada (Bob) and Ch Tudox Tristizas At Pramada L (Trista). Cali was the result of the third litter for Trista and was sired by one of my Bob sons. The goal of the litter was to produce a Black & Tan female that would be co-owned by myself and Tom Sikora (Koradox). There were only red girls, and Tom chose to co-own Cali even though she was red. This was the start of our relationship and breeding partnership.

5. One of the things that I think is fantastic about Cali is the strengths of the sires I chose were passed through to her offspring. She passes along strong rears and beautiful feet.


Ch. Windy Cove Dasher’s Tinker Bell
Norwegian Elkhound
Owner: Elizabeth Parmer, Marie Peterson, Clint Smith and Sarah Smithers


1. I, Elizabeth Parmer, RiverWind Norwegian Elkhounds of Sanger, Texas, got my first Elkhound in 1987, and they have had my heart since then. I am a member of the Houston Elkhound club and a past board member of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of America. I am currently the President of the Texas Kennel Club, Inc. I primarily concentrate on breeding and conformation showing but have trained and competed in obedience, agility and tracking, and done therapy work with my dogs.

2. Marie and Joe Peterson of Atascadero, Calif., Windy Cove Norwegian Elkhounds, allowed me to co-own Tinker’s mother and to be a co-breeder of ‘Tinker Bell’ with them. Windy Cove has been breeding champion Norwegian Elkhounds for 62 years, with 309 champions currently. The Petersons have bred three National Specialty BOB winners, of which they own two.

3. Tinker Bell, born January 10, 2005, finished her championship from the Bred-by class in July 2006, going WB/BOW at the Houston specialty. She won the Senior Bitch Class at the NEAA Futurity in April 2007, BOS at the 2007 AKC/Eukunuba National Championship Show and Select Bitch at the 2012 NEAA National Specialty at 8 years of age under Norwegian Judge Mr. Rolf Frostad.

4. Tinker Bell is the product of a breeding program that incorporates an imported bloodline (from Norway or the United Kingdom) every third generation. Tinker’s maternal great grandfather was a Norwegian import, and her sire was an English import.

5. Along with her correct, short, coarse, flat coat and her dark eyes, muzzle and ears, Tinker Bell passes on her ring presence to many of her offspring.


GCh. Sovrin Hallam Sankofa
Pharaoh Hound
Owner: Nancy Sowerbutts


1. As a fancier and breeder, my experience with Pharaoh Hounds extends over 26 years. Originally working with American bloodlines, I saw the need to diversify the gene pool to correct fronts, and to deal with health issues. I sought out the expertise of sighthound experts (the late) Susan Fegan (Gryphon Ibizans) and Rudi Brandt (Frontrunner’s), and select Scandinavian breeders. In 1993, I imported the first Swedish-born Pharaoh Hound, Group-winning, SBIS Ch. Enigma Sweet Heather-Bell. Her arrival was a cornerstone for the breed. Today, almost all US pedigrees contain Scandinavian blood.

Through my own breeding program, I have continued my outreach internationally with extensive travel, to extend my knowledge and to broaden the foundation of quality I have worked to achieve. My work includes mentoring to a number of US-based and international kennels. Judging honors include 2005’s Swedish Pharaoh Hound Club’s National Specialty and 2015’s Finnish Farkku Show where I judged Pharaohs and Ibizans.

2. ‘Jackson’ GCh. Sovrin Hallam Sankofa (BIS, SBIS Ch. Hallam’s Bekenkhons Ra Qena x SBIS Ch. Antefa’s Naomi-Nekhebi SC) comes from my homebred litter in 2007. Co-breeders are Dr. Stephen Sipperly and Dominic Carota (Hallam), breeders/owners of “Bek” the litter sire, whom I also co-owned.

3. Jackson finished her AKC championship easily, but my own health issues precluded our ability to campaign her on a full-time basis. Shown on a limited basis and breeder/owner-handled, we achieved several Hound Specialty BOB and BOS wins. Presented by Olga Popova at our 2014 National Specialty, Jackson was recognized with an Award of Merit by judge Carol Reisman. That weekend also included multiple owner-handled Select Bitch awards. My proudest moment as Jackson’s owner and breeder was 2015’s prestigious Morris & Essex show. Jackson (presented by Sarah Murphy) was awarded BOB from the Veteran Class by judge Helen Winski Stein.

4. Primarily, I sought to cement the quality of both of her parents, while maintaining a linebreeding on the legendary BIS, SBIS, Multi-Int., AKC Ch. Farao Anubis Ramses.

5. Jackson has passed on everything that I believe is important to the breed as a whole, particularly overall balance with all elements of the dog in harmony. Jackson’s offspring reflect a typical breed outline, with correct fronts and rears in balance, classic heads, ears and expression. Born on October 31, 2014, Jackson’s litter of eight has to date produced four AKC champions and one Russian champion.


Ch. Karista’s Tickled Pink
Owners: James Donahue, D. Scott Pfeil, William Pfeffer and Terri Parker


1. Wynsyr is primarily known as a top Afghan Hound kennel, which has been active since 1986 and has bred more than 100 AKC champions, including top winners and producers. We have been active in Salukis since 2006. Scott is currently licensed to judge several Hound breeds, and James plans to apply for his license later this year.

2. Ch. Karista’s Tickled Pink, ‘DeeDee,’ was bred by Terri Parker of Karista Salukis. Terri started in Salukis in 1989, and in limited breeding has produced nearly 30 champions.

3. DeeDee’s show career started just before her second birthday. She had initial success and had won a few points when she suffered a severe compound fracture to her front right leg. After the leg healed, her movement was never quite the same, so we thought we might not show her again. However, when she was 5, we decided that she was just too nice to sit at home. We entered her in four shows, and she won four consecutive majors to finish. Shown only once after that, she won the breed in a large major entry.

4. DeeDee’s pedigree represents some of the best American and European lines. Her sire’s side is primarily a combination of the Jen Araby and Srinagar based Batal and Bel S’Mbran lines. She comes down from another top-producing dam, Ch. Lan-Khara’s Dhanzing W Lyons, who was the American Saluki Association’s Brood Bitch of the Year in 1999. Her dam, Dabka’s Cleopatra Karista, was imported from one of the top kennels in Sweden, and her pedigree reads like a who’s who of European Salukis.

5. DeeDee excels in passing along her exquisite breed type to her offspring; beautiful heads and expressions, as well as balanced outlines and outstanding temperaments. She has produced two litters, one a linebreeding, the other an outcross. To date she has produced 12 champions, with one more close to finishing. All of her puppies bear a strong family resemblance, and it is our goal to maintain this immediately identifiable look in future generations of Wynsyr Salukis.

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