Profiles of 2014 Top-Producing Sires in the Terrier Group

Some breeders and owners tell us more about their top producers.

The sires listed below are top producers according to official AKC records Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2014. Statistics include both Champion and Grand Champion offspring.


1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport.
2. Provide a brief biography of your sire’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder.
3. Briefly describe the highlights of your sire’s show career.
4. What is significant about the breeding that produced him, his sire and dam or the dogs behind him?
5. Are there two or three traits that you feel he is particularly prepotent for?


BIS/SBIS GCh. Alpine’s Ring Of Fire CD, CA, RATM, CGCA, CGCU
American Staffordshire Terrier

Owners: Jennifer Mosing, Ed and Karen Thomason, Valerie Piltz

1. Ed has been involved with AmStaffs his entire life and has been handling dogs professionally since 2000. As a handler, he specializes in Terriers, Working and Toy dogs; handling top-winning dogs in many breeds, including the top-winning Tibetan Mastiff in AKC history, as well as his own Bred-by dog, the top-winning AmStaff in AKC history. Karen works for a local vet and assists them and many fanciers around the world in K9 reproduction. She has been involved in AmStaffs since 1997.

2. Our close friends, Dan Nechemias and Lois Claus (Dawa Tibetan Mastiffs), co-bred the litter that ‘Phoenix’ came from. He is co-owned with one of our best friends, Valerie Piltz.

3. BIS/SBIS GCh. Alpine’s Ring Of Fire CD, CA, RATM, CGCA, CGCU, had a very successful show career. Phoenix won over 100 Terrier Groups, as well as eight all-breed Best in Shows. As a young dog, he visited Europe, where he won the Spanish AmStaff National from the classes, as well as Junior World Winner and Junior Euro Winner. Phoenix was shown on a limited basis in UKC with his owner, Valerie Piltz, where he completed 2014 as the No. 1 APBT and received the high honor of Best Total Dog in Show at the Premier Dog Show. As a retired show dog, Phoenix excels and is titled in many performance events, ranging from obedience and weight pull to barn hunt and lure coursing, just to name a few.

4. Phoenix is a great combination of his sire, ‘Dillie,’ and his dam, ‘Vixen’ (top-producing bitch in 2010 and 2011). He is truly a correct blend of “bulldog” and “terrier.” Phoenix came from a litter of five AKC champions. Between Phoenix and his brother ‘Jelly’ (BIS/SBIS GCh. Alpine’s Highwayman CA, RATN, CGCA, also a top producer and the top-winning AmStaff of all time), they have won over 200 Terrier Group Firsts, 36 AKC all-breed Best in Shows and 18 Specialty Best of Breeds (including four National Specialties).

5. Phoenix has the best front-end assembly of any AmStaff we have ever produced. Thankfully, he regularly produces good fronts when bred to our own girls as well as to outside bitches. As we all know, fronts are the hardest to correct. He also produces his dam Vixen’s fun-loving temperament and tails that don’t stop wagging. As a sire, he has produced multiple champion and Grand Champion offspring. We are very proud that he has also produced an all-breed BIS/SBIS winner, GCh. Alpine’s Catch Me If You Can. We are also proud to say that Phoenix’s offspring are excelling in performance events with titles in obedience, barn hunt, lure coursing, rally, dock diving and more!


Ch. King’s Mtn. Robert The Bruce
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Owners: Sandra Pretari Hickson, Donna Chambers-Rau, Vern Wilson

1. I am Betty-Anne Stenmark, co-breeder of Ch. King’s Mtn. Robert The Bruce. As a teenager, I bred Saint Bernards and dabbled in Salukis, but it’s been Dandies since 1975. I am still a breeder, exhibit occasionally and am an active judge. Sandra Pretari Hickson joined me in the King’s Mtn. Dandies in 1990, having begun in dogs with Akitas. Sandra and I co-breed. She is an accomplished groomer and exhibitor, and she too judges.

2. Sandra, Vern Wilson and I co-bred ‘Robbie.’

3. Robbie was only shown occasionally, winning Best of Breed at the DDTCA National Specialty in 2011 under judge Jim Reynolds.

4. Robbie is a grandson of both ‘Harry’ and ‘Kricket.’ Harry is Austr. NZ & Am. Ch. Hobergays Fineus Fogg, the Dandie Bill McFadden piloted to No. 1 dog all breeds in 2007, winning 63 BIS in the US in 14 months. Ch. Montizard King’s Mtn. Kricket won the Breed at Montgomery, was a two-time Westminster Breed winner and Group 2nd in 1998, an all-breed Best in Show winner with 30 Groups and 90 Group placements, handled by Carlos Puig.

5. Robbie is a very long dog himself, and he produces it, a virtue that is incredibly difficult to get and to retain. He has a very large head; as a judge you should expect when you feel the skull that it should “fill the hand.” Well, Robbie’s head fills a large man’s hand. While the product of an outcross himself, he is a remarkable sire. It is easy to pick out his offspring, as there is great uniformity to them. 

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