Profiles of 2014 Top-Producing Sires in the Non-Sporting Group

Some breeders and owners tell us more about their top producers.

The sires listed below are top producers according to official AKC records Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2014.



1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport.
2. Provide a brief biography of your sire’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder.
3. Briefly describe the highlights of your sire’s show career.
4. What is significant about the breeding that produced him, his sire and dam or the dogs behind him?

5. Are there two or three traits that you feel he is particularly prepotent for?


GCh. Ken’s N Roobarb N The Horse Ya Rode In On
Boston Terrier
Owners: Ken Roux, Victoria Wilt, Ruth Rauherz

1. My name is Ken Roux. I am the owner of ‘Hoss’ (GCh. Ken’s N Roobarb N The Horse Ya Rode In On). I have breeding Bostons for close to 35 years and currently exhibit and judge. Hoss comes from many generations of my breeding program, which has produced many Best in Show, specialty, Westminster winners and AKC/Eukanuba winners. We currently have many Bred-by champions in the Top 20. 
2. Hoss’s breeder is Barbara Rooney, who has been active in the sport way before I got into it and has been my friend since I was 16. Her kennel prefix is Roobarb. Barb has finished many Bostons and has been actively showing for close to 50 years.
3. Hoss finished his championship winning the breed from the classes at three specialties for three 5-point majors, all at the age of 8 months.  This is an accomplishment never done in the breed before and yet to be done again. Hoss continued his winning career and placed in the Top 10 in the breed for several years following that. He won the breed at Westminster in 2011 and 2015, and at AKC/Eukanuba Classic in 2011. Hoss has consistently won specialties and Groups for the past six years. He is one of the breed’s top winners and top producers. Hoss holds the record for siring the most Grand Champions in the breed.
4. N/A

5. Hoss excels in many features but is known most for his excellent head piece and exceptionally alert and lively temperament, traits that are hard to find in the breed. Hoss also has a beautiful, round eye and level topline, which are rare finds. 


GCh. Cherokee Origin Just Johnny
Owners: Connie A. Chambers, Cody T. Sickle, Henry Martinez, Miriam Martinez

1. We have been in Bulldogs over 50 years. We have bred or owned 196 Champions. Our dogs have won 42 all-breed BIS, 491 SBIS, four National Specialties and 12 Westminster Best Of Breeds. Every BCA National Best of Breed winner for the last 32 years is a descendant of at least one Cherokee stud.
2. N/A
3. GCh. Cherokee Origin Just Johnny is a multiple Group winner and the winner of 21 Specialty Best in Shows.
4. ‘Johnny’ is line bred on Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock, the top specialty-winning Bulldog in breed history. The sire of 71 champions, in 2010 ‘Rock’ was the No. 1 sire of all breeds in the US.

5. As of now, 5-year-old Johnny has produced 35 champions, 13 of which are Grand Champions. His son, GCh. Cherokee Legend Cowboy, has won four Reserve Best In Shows and 36 Specialty Best in Shows. Another son, GCh. Delenclos Cherokee Milton, is the No. 1 Bulldog in Canada for 2014.


Loray’s Quest Of Charmar
Chow Chow
Owners: Shelly Chrisman, Marjorie Evans

1. I am Shelly Chrisman of Charmar Chow Chow kennel. It was founded in 1937 by Charles and Marjorie Evans. I started helping Marjorie with her Chows when I was 12 years old. I have been with this bloodline for 42 years. Charles had passed before I started. Marjorie passed in 2003. We had purchased ‘Quest’ also in 2003.
2. Quest was bred by Loretta Lyon of Loray Chows. Loretta has also been in Chows for several years. Charmar Chows is one of the oldest Chow kennels in the US.
3. Quest finished with four majors in four shows. I had lost my brother Michael  two months prior to Marge’s passing, so Quest was not specialed as often as I would have liked.
4. N/A

5. Quest was a great sire. He passed on his awesome temperament and movement in several of his get. He sired 14 champions out of several different bitches. Quest was strong in every one of them. He blended very well with every bitch he was bred to. He would have had several more champions, but those dogs are with loving pet families.


BIS, MSBIS Can. Ch./Am. GGCh. KJ’s Its Nothing Purrsonal, CGCA, BN, RE, CD, ROM, HOF
Owner: Kristen Dowd

1. I have been involved with the Keeshond breed since 1983. I bought my first dog from Pat Doescher of Woffee kennels. With her guidance I finished his championship and was hooked. Since then, I have honed my handling skills and now handle all breeds. The Keeshond is my primary focus and I breed, on average, one to two litters a year under the KJ prefix.
2. I am the breeder
3. BIS, MSBIS Can. Ch./Am. GGCh. KJ’s Its Nothing Purrsonal, CGCA, BN, RE,CD, ROM, HOF was my first homebred all-breed Best in Show winner. He is the winner of eight Keeshond Specialty Best in Shows and a Group winner in Canada. To date he has sired 17 American champions, and his children have won numerous times at specialties by either going Winners Dog/Bitch/Best of Breed and/or Best in Sweeps. He finished as the No. 1 Keeshond in breed points in 2012.
4. The significance of the breeding that produced ‘Chubbs’ is that it combines tightly on my foundation bitch and weaves back to my all-time favorite dog Ch. KJ’s Purrcolator, ROM. This breeding encompasses the work of my mentor and puts those lines together in such a way as to preserve the breed type exhibited by his ancestors.

5. Chubbs’ kids generally have an overall look to them that exhibits breed type, short backs with sloping toplines, wonderful silly temperaments that are easy to live with and a correct coat texture that is easy to maintain.


Ch. Zelon Driving Miz Daisy Crazy TP
Miniature Poodle
Owners: Denise Yvonne Wilson, Kathleen E. Poe

1. As an adult I bought my first dog – a black, male Miniature Poodle puppy, Diamond (1975), followed by two black female Miniature Poodle puppies, Beauty (1985) and Cindy (1991). In 2000 I met Kathy Poe (Bar King Miniature Poodles), who was breeding exactly the type of Miniature Poodle I wanted – healthy, intelligent, athletic, sociable, great temperament, black and beautiful. I bought a puppy, ‘Abby,’ in 2000 and another puppy, her sister ‘Daisy,’ in 2001. Abby (Ch. Ma Petite Jolie Abby) became a champion in 2002 followed by Daisy (Ch. Bar King’s Ebony Daze) in 2003. In 2005 I whelped my first litter out of Daisy, who I co-owned with Kathy, and kept ‘Angelo’ (Ch. Zelon Driving Miz Daisy Crazy TP). With Kathy’s help and encouragement, I became involved in the dog fancy. 
2. Kathy Poe (Bar King Miniature Poodles) has been involved in Poodles since the early 1960s as an owner, handler, groomer and breeder of top-quality Miniature Poodles, especially Ch. Bar King’s Scintilla TP, Ch. Bar Kings Wildways Protocol TP and Ch. Bar King’s Wildways Kara Deniz TP. Kathy’s Poodles have won, and continue to win, countless BOV, BOB, Group placements and BIS at both Poodle specialties and all-breed shows.
3. In 2005, at 7 months 3 weeks old, Angelo became a champion after only 6 weekends of being shown. In 2006, at 11 months old, he was shown at Westminster and then was allowed to mature and grow hair. He returned to the show ring in early 2007 and, with limited showing, he won multiple BOV and Group placements, most notably BOV at both the Poodle Club of America (PCA) National Specialty and the PCA Regional Specialty, and BOV at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.
4. Descended from a long line of famous quality champion Miniature Poodles, Angelo is a great-grandson of Ch. Bar Kings Wildways Protocol TP and a double great-great-grandson of Ch. Bar King’s Scintilla TP. Both his sire (Ch. Cinbren Barking Buckaro TP) and dam (Ch. Bar King’s Ebony Daze) had already produced beautiful quality Miniature Poodles.

5. Angelo consistently produces quality offspring with good fronts, great temperaments and showmanship demonstrated by his being top Miniature Poodle sire in both 2010 and 2014.


SBIS GCh. Kurakuma Axis N’Allies of Mentha
Owners: Dawn Bannister, Patricia L. McClain, Janette Sweet

1. We, Patricia McClain and Dawn Bannister, began showing Schipperkes in the early 1990s as a mother-daughter combo. We got our first Schip through a friend, Wilma Dame, and in 1991 we had our first litter. We were novices, and the mother did not have milk, so we lost all pups but one, and we hand-raised her. She was named Against All Odds. She lived up to her name, became a champion and produced eight champions. Our kennel, Kurakuma, has since produced close to 40 champions that descend from her.
2. N/A
3. ‘Kyle’ was born in 2003. He was bred and born in our home, and co-bred by Janette Sweet (his sire’s breeder). At the 2005 Schipperke National, from the Bred-by class, he won Best of Winners and 3rd Award of Merit. He went on to win some Group placements, including a Group First, always breeder-handled (by Dawn). He stayed a few years with a friend of ours (Jen Garrett), and when he came home, his breeder-handled career resumed. He won a Best in Specialty, Select Dog at another specialty, his Grand championship and picked up another Group placement.
4. Kyle is a grandson of our ‘Allie,’ Ch. Against All Odds ROM, out of one of her best kids, Ch. Kurakuma’s Kimi of Wil-cle ROM and sired by BIS/SBIS Ch. Mentha’s Solo Performance ROM. His name, Kyle, comes from his parents, Kimi and Axil (Ki-il). His registered name comes from his father and grandmother, Axil and Allie (Axis N’Allies).
5. He combined strong, true double-tracking movement and old-fashioned type in the breed. When Kyle was shown, I would often drop his lead almost to the floor on the down and back so judges could see that his clean double-tracking was all him. He passed that on to his kids, along with good bone, square bodies and many other good qualities. One of his last sons just went Reserve Winners Dog at the last Schipperke National. Kyle is going to be 12 this year, and he is happily resting on his laurels!

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