Profiles of 2014 Top-Producing Dams in the Working Group

Some breeders and owners tell us more about their top producers.

The following dams top-producers according to official AKC records Jan. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2014.



1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport.
2. Provide a brief biography of your dam’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder.
3. Briefly describe the highlights of your dam’s show career.
4. What is significant about the breeding that produced her?
5. What two or three traits do you feel she is particularly strong in passing along to her offspring?


AKC/UKC GCh., IABCA Ehren Ch. Zastava Bride of War CD, RAE, URO3, CGCA, TT, BHI
Black Russian Terrier
Owner: Edea Caldwell

1. I have been showing dogs since the early 1970s, starting out in Dobermans. I started with Black Russian Terriers in 2007. I have bred four litters and have 13 AKC champions, 10 more from these litters pointed. Four are AKC Grand Champions and one more needs only a point to finish her Grand Championship. Nearly all of the puppies have one or more working titles. Every bitch I have bred has been an AKC/UKC Grand Champion and every one has had multiple working titles including RAEs and CDs. All of my dogs have complete health checks before being bred.
2. Olga Kornienko is from Russia and became involved in Black Russians when civilians were first allowed to own them. She has bred and shown many champions and believes in maintaining the breed’s working ability and health, as well as its beauty.
3. ‘Macha’ finished her AKC Grand Championship when she was 10 months old, owner-handled to most of her wins. She was also the first Black Russian to obtain a Grand Champion title while under the age of two.
4. This breeding produced five champions from a litter of 8. Two of those are also Grand Champions and a third is one point away from her Grand Championship. All of these dogs, as well as one of the other three have working titles including Rally titles, obedience titles, CGCs and TTS. All that have had their health checks have passed and two have their CHIC numbers with all tests passed.
5. Macha has passed on her stable temperament and her love of life, as well as her good topline, nice profile and wonderful movement.


GCh. Winning Colors Perfecta ROM
Owners: Angelo & Pat Lamonica

1. We purchased our first Bullmastiff in 2003 with the hope of finishing his championship since he was already major pointed. Angelo knew his way around the show scene since he had previously owned show dogs. It took a year of training until I was ready to handle our own dogs. My background is in Thoroughbred horses. It was not long before we purchased a bitch puppy and our Winning Colors Kennel was born. Ch. Gailwin’s Winning Colors RN, ‘Mira,’ was my first dog shown completely owner-handled and is the mother to ‘Jazz’ (Perfecta) and ‘Doc.’ This was our first homebred litter of two and our first champions under the Winning Colors name.
2. N/A
3. Jazz’s show career started by taking third in her class at the 2009 National the day she turned 6 months old. Taking time to mature, Jazz and Doc returned to the show ring at 13 months, winning side by side many times, both winning their futurity classes at the 2010 National, finishing their championships together on their second birthday.  After Jazz’s second litter, I entered her for fun in a couple of shows where she walked away with most of her Grand Champion points. Fourteen weeks after her third litter she finished her Grand at the Cleveland Christmas Classic, taking BOB over many top specials.
4. N/A
5. Her three litters bred to two dogs, gave us a total of 14 total puppies with the first pup becoming a Grand Champion by 1.5 years old, another eight achieving their championships, and one major pointed. This has given Jazz her ROM status as well as this prestigious title of top dam for 2014. We were very pleased with how these puppies developed, Jazz having passed along her topline, clean movement, overall balance and beautiful headpiece.


Ch. Cambria’s Must Be Fate
Doberman Pinscher
Owners: Jim & Ann White

1. Collectively, we’ve been involved in Dobermans 100-plus years. We bred and owned all-time top-producing Working dog Ch. Cambria’s Cactus Cash, ‘Eddie’ (167 AKC champions; 14 BIS get). Eddie is the sire, grandsire or great grandsire of every No. 1 Doberman over the past 10 years. We are also the owners of the all-time Top Producing Doberman bitch Ch. Florowill Bit of Magic (21 AKC champions). More recently we are the breeders and handlers of 2014 No. 1 Doberman (all systems) Ch. Cambria’s Vraiment Parfait. Also, the proud breeders of 2014 No. 1 Obedience Doberman Cambria’s Gold Standard.
2. N/A
3. Ch. Cambria’s Must Be Fate, ‘Karma,’ is a BIS and SBIS winner. As a puppy she was National Specialty Sweepstakes winner. During her limited (not a full year) show career she finished among the Top 5 Dobermans in the US. She is the daughter of No. 1 Doberman (No. 2 Working Dog) Ch. Cambria’s Victoria’s Secret. She is a littermate to four other AKC Best in Show winners. Her show career was made possible by co-owners Glen Lajeski and Ann Wulbrecht.
4. Karma is the dam of the 2013 National Specialty Winners Dog, Reserve Winners Dog and Grand Prize Futurity winner. The same breeding (Karma’s sister bred to the same sire) produced the 2012 National Specialty Winners Bitch, Grand Prize Futurity Winner and Nationals Sweepstakes winner… and the 2014 No. 1 Doberman All-Systems. Karma’s sire was the top-winning Argentinean dog Ch. Alex De Akido San (whom we finished in the US with three 5-point majors; three BOB). To become a top producer Karma was bred to Ch. Cambria’s Out For Justice (sired by top-producing Ch. Cambria’s Cactus Cash).
5. Above all else, Karma embodies the words in our standard … energetic, watchful, determined, alert, loyal and obedient. She is our fearless companion and intelligent beyond description. She is an athlete with beautiful angles, particularly beautiful in shoulder blade and upper arm; so lacking in our breed. To different degrees she has passed these traits along to her offspring.


GCh. R Pyr Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum!
Great Pyrenees
Owner: Terrie Strom

1. I started showing Pyrs in 1997 and have been breeding them since 2001. I have bred/shown more than 50 AKC Champions, multiple Grand Champions and a Silver Grand Champion. My breedings have produced multiple Group placers, multiple SBIS winners and a multiple BIS brace.
2. My mentor is Terry Denney-Combs of Euzkalzale Great Pyrenees where I got my first brood bitch and stud dog. We co-bred ‘Charlie.’ She has been breeding and exhibiting since 1971. has produced over 75 AKC champions and was the co-owner of ‘DD,’ Ch. Euzkalzale Sundance Legend, who is the No. 1 Pyr of All Time, Breed Points, with 18 BIS.
3. GCh. R Pyr Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum!, ‘Sugar,’ has won multiple BBE Group placements, multiple BIS Brace and completed her Grand Championship within a couple of months. She had a fast show career.
4. The breeding that produced Sugar also produced 2 other champions, ‘Elvis,’ GCh. R Pyr Jail House Rock! and ‘Thumper,’ Ch. R Pyr Thumper. These kids are still young at 4 years of age and still have show careers ahead of them. Elvis is 5 points away from his Bronze Grand Championship and ranked No. 12 Breed in 2013. Movement and temperament were significant in their breeding.
5. Sugar has passed on her Great Pyrenees expression, movement and ring attitude.


Double Ring Pyramid Silvanhold Taree
Kuvasz (Tied)
Owner: Kathy Ringering

1. I have been in Kuvasz since 1989 and in the sport of dogs since the early 1970s. I have bred multiple champions, Group winners and placers and performance dogs. I have served the parent club in various capacities. My husband Chuck and I breed under the kennel name of Double Ring.
2. N/A
3. Ceara’s most important contribution has been in the whelping box. Therefore she did not see the show ring as much as I would have liked. When she did show, she won.
4. Elizabeth Kondor and I embarked on a breeding program using the frozen semen of Hungarian import Am./Can. Ch. Budagyongye Opal who died in 1984 and was the first North American BIS winner. He has scores of champions to his credit. The frozen semen breeding to Group winner and placer Ch Double Ring Kastaspell produced Double Ring Pyramid Sylvnhold Taree, ‘Ceara.’ All of Ceara’s puppies and their puppies carry the name Budagyongye in honor to Opal’s legacy.
5. All of Ceara’s offspring are AKC champions with nice wins at National Specialties. One is a Grand Champion and another is on her way. Ceara now has grand get on the ground that continue to bring Ceara’s enthusiasm for life, her great structure and movement to the breed.


Ch. Elso’s SooperDooper StellaLooper
Kuvasz (Tied)
Owner: Beth Lenoski

1. I am Beth Lenoski of Elsö Kuvasz. As a child, my best friend’s family raised and showed Shelties so I went to shows. My first Kuvasz joined me in 1987; my first show Kuvasz in 1997. I have loved, lived with and successfully bred, raised and shown Kuvasz ever since. I am the breeder of Ch. Elso’s SooperDooper StellaLooper, ‘Stella,’ and the owner of the stud dog that sired GCh. Casablanca Elso Peachtree In Cahoots @Kinnikinnick, ‘Mr Hoot’ [Also a top producer in 2014. Read more about Mr Hoot here – Eds]. Hoot’s sire, Ch. Elso PACA’s Astroid Shooter, ‘Astro,’ is Stella’s litter brother.
2. N/A
3. Stella finished easily at 13 months, breeder/owner-handled, but she was always meant to be a brood bitch, with a trait or two that are less than stellar when one considers specialing a bitch.
4. There are some amazing dogs and breeders behind both Mr. Hoot and Stella. I must acknowledge Sally Ferguson and Bonnie Leech (Santa’s Forest Kuvasz), Millie Fellerman (Rocky Mountain Kuvasz), Randy and Dawn Ham (Peachtree Kuvasz), and Laurel Zepp.
5. Mr. Hoot and Stella have passed on to their puppies alert, confident, outgoing temperaments, correctly coarse, white wavy coats and so far at nearly three years, all pups tested have passed all OFA clearances.


Can. Ch./GCh. Neu-Rodes Tiddlywinks CD, RE, CS, CI, BH, TT, CGC
Owner: Teresa Bradley

1. ‘Winky’ was bred by Neu-Rodes (Thom Woodward and Teresa Bradley). We are honored that Winky joins our ‘Cher’ (2012) in being awarded this honor. Winky is the product of a dam we purchased for the purpose of crossing with our existing lines. Her sire is a result of several of our boys dating back to Thom’s original breeding in the late 1970s. All the championships and working titles were achieved owner-handled and include agility, herding, tracking, carting, obedience, rally and Schutzhund. All our dogs live in the house and are loyal companions first and foremost.
2. N/A.
3. Winky earned her first AKC Rally leg at 6 months and 2 weeks of age! She finished her Rally Novice title the following month. As a youngster she didn’t get shown much, but did win Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the Southwestern Rottweiler Specialty. She got most of her points from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class although she finished her championship from Open winning a 5-point specialty major under James Reynolds. She finished her Canadian championship in just one weekend and then after some time out for motherhood, completed her AKC Grand Championship easily as well. Winky earned her Carting Started (CS), Temperament Test (TT) and Companion Dog (CD) titles at the 2009 National and ranked as one of the ARC Top 10 carting dogs in both Carting Started and Intermediate levels for 2009.
4. Winky is a result of blending European lines with our American lines. Her dam ‘Wags’ was imported from the famous kennel Od Dragicevica and has earned an ARC BRONZE production award.  Winky’s sire ‘A.J’ (V-1 Am./Can. Ch. Summerfield’s Action Jack’son CDX, CX, OA, OAJ, BH, AD, BBT, TT, CGC, ARC, Versatility) is a product of many generations of Summerfield Rottweilers (Paula Cingota) on his dam’s side and our dogs on his sire’s side.
5. Winky has consistently produced loving dispositions with consistent temperaments in her kids. They also enjoy obedience, tracking, agility, carting and herding. She is currently an ARC SILVER producer and will hopefully be GOLD by the end of this year. We are also proud of the good health she is producing in her puppies. OFA hip statistics of her 17 puppies X-rayed show 4 with Excellent and 12 with Good ratings.


GCh. Highlander’s Diamonds R’Furever
Siberian Husky
Owner: Anne Palmer

1. Brian and Anne have a small breeding program with typically 15-20 dogs. They have bred 90-plus US champions and numerous Canadian champions, in addition to many SD and SDX titled dogs. They have had the joy of breeding three National Specialty winners and multiple best sled dogs. Both Brian and Anne have served many positions within the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit. Anne is currently the AKC Delegate for the Ann Arbor KC and also a board member of the Siberian Husky Club of America.
2. N/A
3. Jemma finished her American championship very quickly by going Winners Bitch at three specialties, in addition to two Best in Specialty Sweepstakes. At six months, she won her first Best in Specialty with her sire ‘Broker’ going BOS. Jemma’s first time in the specials ring saw her win her second Specialty Best In Show and a couple of weeks later, a Specialty BOS. This girl is pretty, has correct proportions, attitude and lovely movement.
4. Both Jemma and her brother ‘Chuck’ click with almost every dog or bitch we breed them to, producing excellent running dogs and show champions. Last year Chuck was awarded the SHCA top-producing sire and it is so exciting that his sister has been awarded top dam for this past year.
5. Jemma has produced litters that looked like they were all peas from the same pod. We feel she is certainly a great dam, producing better than herself and her children not only prove their workability, successfully running in harness, but are successfully competing in the show ring. A dog from her second litter, GCh. Highlander’s Rumour Has It, won BOB at the US and Canadian National Specialties, BOB at AKC/Eukanuba and is currently [mid-March, as these responses are being compiled] Number One Siberian All Systems.


Dawa’s Cherokee, Tanana’s Olathe Sitala
Tibetan Mastiff
Owner: Glenda Nunnally

1. I’ve been breeding dogs for over 30 years. I acquired my first Tibetan Mastiffs in 2007. I am an owner-handler and an AKC Breeder of Merit. I have been exhibiting at dog shows since 2008, participating in numerous conformation events including AKC/Eukanuba and Westminster.
2. Dan Nechemias and Lois Claus (husband and wife) bred Cherokee. There were 13 puppies in the litter. They have been actively involved in showing and breeding Tibetan Mastiffs since 2002. Their dedication and contribution to the breed has been inspiring. They have been mentors and friends for many years now.
3. ‘Cherokee’ has had multiple Best of Breed wins. She was Best of Breed for the National Owner Handler Series at AKC/Eukanuba in 2014. She is one point away from her Silver Level AKC Grand Champion title. She will be the second Tibetan Mastiff bitch to earn the Silver level. She has won an Award of Excellence at AKC/Eukanuba and an Award of Merit at Westminster.
4. There were 10 puppies in the April 2014 breeding. Eight of the puppies in the litter are participating in AKC conformation events. Six of the puppies earned their AKC championships between the ages of 6 and 9 months of age. The other two are working on theirs and should earn their championships before year end. Judges have repeatedly commented on the consistency and overall quality of the litter.
5. The goal of a well-defined breeding program is to improve on the parents and advance the breed. My main objectives in my breeding program are health and temperament. I gained additional bone and well-balanced temperaments in the breeding. I see his and the dam’s personality in their offspring.

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