Professional Photographers’ Guidelines

If you're interested in submitting photography to CAT FANCY, please review our professional photographers' guidelines.

CAT FANCY magazine is a consumer magazine dedicated to the love of cats.

General Guidelines:

1. We will consider sharp, high-density 35mm slides, 2¼-inch transparencies or high-resolution digital image files (please include contact sheets).

2. Label each image with your name, telephone number and an individual reference number or code. (A reference number is crucial to our contract and selection procedure).

3. Identify pedigreed cats by breed; identify others as shelter cats, household pets, strays or feral cats, as applicable. Do not guess
 at breeds.

4. If there is a person (other than a model) in the photo, please identify by full name and place of residence.

5. Human subjects in photos should reflect the diverse community of cat owners.

6. Pay particular attention to backgrounds; avoid clutter.

7. Use indoor situations that feature up-to-date and attractive decor.

8. CAT FANCY encourages indoor-only ownership, so cats in outdoor shots should be wearing collars with identification and a harness, or be within an outdoor enclosure. (Exceptions for images accompanying a story on stray or feral cats).

9. We need photographs of cats to illustrate articles about healthcare, nutrition, behavior, grooming, lifestyle, show competition and other cat-related features, departments and columns.

10. Human subjects and backgrounds should never look dated. If a situational shot looks more than 10 years old, don’t send it. We need clean, attractive and modern-looking people and backgrounds.

11. Cats and people should appear happy, healthy and well-groomed, unless photo is illustrating a particular condition. Professional-quality, creative angles and action shots are encouraged.  In addition, we seek breed profile portraits and general shots. Please see subsequent section information.

Breed Profile Portraits:

  • We require studio (or elegant indoor environment) shots of purebred cats.
  • Backgrounds should be white or a solid color chosen to complement the cat. If portraits are in a home setting, avoid clutterkeep it simple, classy and beautiful (homes should not
    look dated).
  • Cats must be healthy and perfectly groomed (fur in the right direction, no eye gunk, no nose gunk, clean ears, etc.). If cat is wearing a collar, it should be simple and not distracting or flashy.
  • Body language and facial expression should convey alertness
     and contentment.
  • We need close-ups of faces as well as photos of whole cats. Whole-cat photos should include tips of ears, paws and tails in the frame.

Note: Featured breeds are always subject to change.

General Stock Needs:

Health & Medical

  • Vet checking cats mouth and teeth
  • Vet administering deworming treatment
  • Applying topical flea treatments
  • Cat(s) with FIV, undergoing tests and treatment
  • Vet administering a variety of vaccines
  • Depict sick cats (respiratory infection, anemia, asthma) with vet performing test, exam or treatment
  • Cats with allergies and respiratory problems (due to human cigarette smoke)
  • Results of feline eating disorders (anorexia to obesity)
  • Lab testing, blood, urine, feces and DNA
  • Depict human giving CPR to a cat
  • How to apply first aid to a cat that has been injured scenarios.
  • Cat(s) in surgery (other than spay/neuter surgery)
  • Vet or vet tech assisting with feline: Radiographs, EKG, Chemistry screen profile, Complete blood count, FeLV test
  • Cat receiving peritoneal dialysis
  • Vet checking feline mammary glands (mammary hyperplasia)
  • Vet administering treatment for congenital liver disease (ameroid constrictors)
  • Cats suffering with chronic pain. Vet applying pain medication and therapy
  • Owner caring for handicapped kitten or cat
  • Pharmaceuticals; cat on heating pad, special bowls, steps, litterboxes, cat using orthopedically designed cart, hand-held harness, therapeutic bed, nursing care products
  • Hospice for cats; bed, meds, diet, ramps, special litterboxes, Feng Shui scenarios
  • Alternative veterinary treatments (acupuncture, reiki, etc.)


  • Cat on bed playing, while owner is trying to sleep (feline alarm clock)
  • Chronic feline fur-pulling, excessive grooming and itching
  • Cat nipping or scratching human during play or aggression
  • Inappropriate elimination behavior places other than the litterbox
  • Cats marking (facial) furniture and legs
  • Kitten competing with sibling or adopted cat for territory, attention, rivalry and dominance
  • Cats displaying body language; tail postures, arched back, raised hair, ears laid back
  • Cats and kittens getting along
  • Cats and kittens fighting
  • Cats scratching inappropriate furniture
  • Cats up on kitchen counters, tables, stealing food
  • Cats digging through overturned garbage can
  • Adult cat kneading on owner
  • Cat giving head-butts to owner
  • Behavior modification products, foods, supplements scenarios
  • Cats and kittens near infants and baby furniture/supplies
  • Cat/kittens first day in a new home; getting acquainted scenarios
  • Cats in hiding places (under beds, closets, shelves, etc.)
  • Cats in boxes and bags
  • Cats playing with favorite toys
  • Cats in prey mode, about to pounce
  • Cats tearing up paper, photos, toilet paper, etc.
  • Cats spraying/marking indoors
  • Cats digging in potted plants
  • Cats eating, chewing, destroying houseplants
  • Cat chasing flashlight or laser pointer


  • Cats in beautiful homes
  • Cats lounging by fireplaces, warming themselves in sunny spots
  • Cozy lap cats
  • Affectionate and lively cats
  • Cats with personality
  • People holding cats (looking happy)
  • Cats looking cozy and content with owners
  • Cats looking up at owners
  • Sleeping, snuggly cats
  • Cat nearby a person smoking a cigarette
  • Cats looking out windows and doors
  • Cats with other pets
  • Cats on walks with harnesses
  • Cats in outdoor enclosures
  • Cats harnessed in backyards


  • Applying topical flea treatments
  • Preventing hairballs: Grooming, brushing, and applying hairball treatments
  • Feline grooming and bathing (creative scenarios)
  • Cat skin allergies, acne, dandruff, etc.
  • Cats scratching and rubbing irritated areas


  • Cats eating moist and/or dry food
  • Owners feeding cats from cans and bags
  • Cats turning nose up at food
  • Cats drinking water
  • Kittens drinking and eating
  • Human feeding cat table scraps
  • Human feeding treats to lonely kitten or young cat
  • Feline eating disorders (anorexia to obesity)
  • Variety of human foods, such as whole raw fish, whole raw chicken, vegetables, herbs, raw beef, eggs
  • Veterinary approved dietary supplements


  • Cats confined in small apartments
  • Cat drinking from pet-water fountain
  • Human vacuuming cat hair, antibacterial hand wash or lotion
  • Litter product shots (different types of litter on the market do not depict labels and brands)
  • Litter, litterboxes and related scenarios (cleaning litterboxes, etc.)
  • Cat using toilet

Acceptance & Payment:

1. Payment is made upon publication (during the month on the cover of the issue in which the photo appears). You will receive two complimentary copies of the issue in which your photo(s) appear. (Model release is required where applicable.)

2. We buy one-time North American Serial Rights on an exclusive basis; the nonexclusive right to use the photo(s) in electronic media; and the nonexclusive right to use the photo(s), as well as your name (credit) in advertising and promotion.

3. Payment rates are as follows:

  • $200 for 4-color cover shots and center spreads
  • $100 for inside color, full page
  • $50 for inside color, partial page
  • $25 for mug shot size
  • $25 for color reuse


Photo Editor
P.O. Box 6050
Mission Viejo, CA 92690-6050

For UPS or overnight deliveries:
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E-mail can be sent to If you have further questions, you can phone us
at (949) 855-8822.

We make every effort to handle materials with the utmost care and respect.
However, we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged materials.

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