Product Targets Celebrities’ Dogs

Springer Dog Exerciser sent to 25 dog-loving celebrities; fans decide who might use it.

Twenty five lucky dog-loving celebrities have been given the Springer Dog Exerciser – a steel spring that attaches to a bicycle to make biking with a dog easier – from Springer America. These stars – who include big names like Martha Stewart, Justin Timberlake and Oprah Winfrey – were attendants at HollyWOOF, an event which publicized and gave away A-list gifts for A-list dogs.

Now, Springer America is asking the public to get in on the action. By visiting the company’s website, fans can vote for the celebrity whom they deem most likely to use the Springer. One voter will be randomly selected to win a Springer Dog Exerciser of his or her very own.

The website also include images of the specially-made packaging sent out, which featured a photo of each celebrity and their famous dog “biking” with the Springer Dog Exerciser.

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