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When I think about which products have helped streamline my avian lifestyle over the years, easy-to-use dishes come to mind. No matter how many bowls or feeder ports were built into cages, there always seemed to be the need for several extra dishes.

Water, fresh foods, pellets, seed and treats all require separate dishes at my house. Two of my Amazon parrots share a large, macaw-sized cage equipped with four feeders. They don’t share dishes, so two additional receptacles were required for fruit and vegetables. I looked for additional feeders that were durable and easy to insert and remove, but difficult for birds to maneuver. I wanted dishes that were easy to clean and disinfect and that held a decent amount of food. I also wanted colors that would suit my décor and be compatible with my birds’ cages.

Quick Lock Crocks
Along came Lixit Animal Care Products with the practical and attractive Quick Lock Crock™, a flat-bottomed, bowl-style dish that twists onto a cage mounted bracket with the flick of a wrist. Developed and tested in conjunction with Feather Farm, the dishes satisfied all my requirements. I immediately liked the light gray granite color and the practicality of the design. The depth of the dishes helps prevent food scattering and dumping. There is no rim around the bottom to collect water when the dishes are placed upside down in the dishwasher. That may seem a nitpicky issue, but I hate taking things out of the dishwasher and dripping water on the dry dishes in the bottom rack. The toggle on the bottom of each dish is identical in size, as are the brackets, making them easily interchangeable.

Crocks are available in colors to suit most tastes. White, black or granite comprise the solid color choices, while the clear crocks are available in a spectrum of bright hues. Tough, high-impact polystyrene resists beak damage. Sure, birds can chew them and cause slight wear on the edges, but I haven’t had any of my birds come close to destroying any of these dishes. 

Mount dishes on the cage door for easy-in, easy-out replacement. This is a great way for wary bird sitters to replenish food and water as well. They’re also great for trips because they’re so easy to install in carriers and travel cages. 

About Quick Lock Crocks

  • Lixit products are available at pet shops, in mail order catalogs and in online stores. If you are unable to find them at your local pet store, call customer service at 707-252-1622 ext 30 or, or use an internet search engine to find retail mail order sources.
  • Cost: Very economical; both sizes are under $10 in many catalogs and in online and retail stores. Remember to take shipping charges into account when shopping online and from catalogs.
  • Quick Lock Crocks are easy to use. Just attach the brackets and clamp (no tools necessary!) to cage bars, and place the cup in the slot and twist. 
  • Quick Lock Crocks, clamps and brackets are easy to clean. They’re top-rack dishwasher safe. If light colored crocks get stained, make them look new again by soaking them in plain water with a little household bleach added. Rinse well before use.
  • These dishes fit most cages and are also great for carriers and travel cages.
  • They’re suitable for small parrot-type birds, such as Senegals, cockatiels and conures as well as for larger species. Budgies, parrotlets, canaries and birds of similar size can be provided with Lixit’s 3-ounce clear, flat-sided Snuggler dish, which features a Quick Lock bracket.
  • According to Lixit’s president, Linda Parks, all product assembly is done in the USA. Components are made in the USA, Italy and Taiwan. Lixit has been a major employer of disabled adults in the community for the past 30 years. 
  • Replacement parts are available! Call Lixit 707-252-1622 for replacement clamps and brackets.


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