Produce Pointers

Save money and grow your own vegetables.

  • Take advantage of seasonal produce. Blueberries are less expensive during the summer. Squash, broccoli and beets are less costly in the fall.
  • Grow it yourself! Gardens make great financial sense. For the price of a few packets of seeds or flats of seedlings, you can grow fresh produce. Cultivate and enrich the soil in your garden so it will be ready for an early planting of peas. They grow quickly and make great bird treats. String beans grow prolifically and quickly as well.
  • Reserve space for next fall’s vegetable garden. Because vegetables harvested in the fall often grow slowly, plan your spring garden to accommodate your fall favorites.  Pumpkins and squash require ample space for their sprawling vines. If you have fine soil, plant some root vegetables, such as beets which contain potassium, folic acid and vitamin A.
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