Proactive Noise Training for Dogs

Help your dog get over her noise phobia with these insightful recommendations.

“Training noise tolerance is important with puppies and young dogs for performance work or as a safe pet,” says trainer and gundog competitor Deborah Abbott of Lebanon, Ind. “I reward with food around unusual or loud noises.” Abbott’s methods include:

  • During thunderstorms, treat generously. Let it rain dog biscuits. 
  • If training for hunting, give treats when distant gunshots fire and gradually work closer.
  • Use events like small parades as a training opportunity. Treat your puppy when marching bands, drums, and fire engines with sirens pass. Avoid environments such as fireworks displays where constant extreme noise may prove overwhelming.
  • Set the example and don’t act alarmed if your puppy reacts. Tell her she’s fine and offer treats in a matter of fact way.

Rule of thumb: If your puppy refuses treats, wait for her to accept them and progress more gradually. Some puppies inherently handle noise better than others.

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