Prisoners Used Mouse To Smuggle Cocaine, Marijuana

It turns out a mouse can be trained to do just about anything.

mouse prison
The prison guards were amazed at how well this mouse got along with humans.

We all know that mice are trainable. We’ve featured some amazing videos of mice doing some pretty cool things. What we never imagined is that inmates at a prison in Brazil would take to training a mouse.

The prisoners were using the little critter to carry drugs back and forth between them. Wardens at the Barra da Grota Prison in Araguaina in northern Brazil discovered the mouse with a cord tied to its tail. The mouse had been trained to travel through the prison, carrying little bags of cocaine and marijuana, which were tied to the end of the cord.

Officials seized 30 packets of marijuana and 20 packets of cocaine, the YouTube description states. The CCTV cameras at the prison are being reviewed to find out which prisoner is responsible. Given that the officials put the mouse on display to show how well it was acclimated to humans, even allowing them to stroke its head, it appears that they were more surprised at how well-trained the mouse was than at the fact that it was being used to smuggle drugs. 

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