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Prevention Tips for Dogs

Tips to keep your dog safe at home.

Tips to keep your dog safe at home.

Here are some other prevention tips to keep your dog safe and at home:

  • Make sure your dog has an up-to-date pet identification tag with your current phone number and address. You also can get your dog a tattoo for identification or a microchip.

  • Only let your dog run free in a fenced area, one that he can’t get out of. Make sure your dog can’t escape under or over the fence, and make sure that the gate locks.

  • Give your dog plenty of exercise. Running is natural for dogs, and if they get enough of it, they’ll be less likely to run off.

  • Keep your dog indoors on the Fourth of July, New Years Eve and other holidays that involve fireworks, and during thunderstorms.

  • Never leave your dog unattended outside, unless its inside a secure fence.

  • Have a trusted friend, professional petsitter or a reputable kennel take care of your dog if you go away all day, overnight or for a few days.

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