Preventing Wild Mice From Reaching The Ferret Cage

Is there a safe way to repel wild mice from a ferret cage?

Q: I bought several of those repellents that you plug into the wall to keep mice out of your home. The booklet that came with them recommends not using them around ferrets. Is there a kind that is safe to use around them? I am having a problem with mice getting in my cage and eating my ferret’s food. I have traps and glue traps out, but so far I haven’t been able to catch anything. I put my ferrets in the top part of a multi-level cage, but the mice climb up the rails to the top part. I have put peppermint oil in the bottom tray to try to keep the mice away from my cage, but that doesn’t seem to work.
A: I understand the concern about the mice and, yes, mice are good climbers.

You are doing all I am aware of to deter the mice (peppermint) and catch them (traps) from the ferrets’ cage, but you will probably need to deal with the root of the problem. How are the mice getting into your house and how do you stop that?

Most mice problems occur as the seasons chance from summer to winter when the mice try to escape the cold and find a warm place to live. This means there is a place in your home through which they can enter. It also means that as the weather changes, you shouldn’t have a big problem again until next fall.

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