Prevent Puppy Ear Infection

Prevent ear infections by keeping your puppy's ears clean.

PapillonOnce a week, check the puppy’s ears for excess wax, dark specks or a foul odor. All can indicate a medical condition that requires veterinary treatment.

Each week or two, depending on the dog, wipe the inside of the ears with a cotton ball (be careful not to go farther than you can see) moistened with a liquid ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian. Hold up the ear flap with your left hand, wrap the moistened cotton ball around the index finger of your right hand, and wipe out all the folds and crevices. Wipe gently, but thoroughly. Change cotton balls as needed.

Most pups respond to ear cleaning by shaking their heads, whining or whimpering. This is normal, and the puppy must become used to the sensation. A bit of caution, though. Step back before you allow your pup to shake its head or you’ll have ear cleaner and ear dirt all over you! 

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