Preparing for your Pembroke Puppy

Things to consider before bringing your puppy home.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi PuppyBefore your puppy comes home, you have many preparations to make.

1. Food and water bowls: You’ll need two separate serving pieces, one for food and one for water. Stainless steel pans are your best choice as they are chew-proof and easy to clean. Tip-proof is a good idea too, since most puppies love to splash about in their water bowls, and the Pembroke is no exception.

2. Puppy food: Your Pembroke puppy should be fed a quality dog food that is appropriate for his age and breed. Most premium dog foods now offer breed-specific formulas that address the nutritional needs of different-sized breeds of dog during the various stages of their lives. Your Corgi puppy will start with a puppy growth food, which should be his diet for his first year. While the protein and fat content of a growth-formula food will be higher than that of an adult-maintenance food, the food should not encourage rapid growth. A good puppy food promotes healthy growth at a steady pace.

3. Collar and ID tag: Your Pembroke puppy should have an adjustable collar that expands to fit him as he grows. Lightweight yet durable nylon adjustable collars work best for puppies and adult dogs. Put the collar on as soon as your puppy comes home so he can get used to wearing it. The ID tag, which must be attached to his everyday collar at all times, should have your phone number, name and address, but not the puppy’s name, as that would enable a stranger to identify and call your dog. Some owners include a line that says “Dog needs medication to hopefully speed the dogs return if he is lost or stolen.” Attach the tag with an O-ring (the kind used in key rings), as the more common S-ring snags on carpets and comes off easily.

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