Prepare To Squeal Over This Golden Retriever And His Hamster And Bird Friends

Bob the Golden Retriever's Instagram feed captures his adorable, unlikely friendships.

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Bob snoozes with his besties. Via Bob_GoldenRetriever/Instagram

If you said that you spent the day with a cheerful Golden Retriever, a gloriously fat hamster and their eight best bird friends, people would either assume that you were a) under the influence of something they don’t sell at Walgreens, b) you’d fallen into the Disney Vault or c) a combination of the two.

But that incredible situation does exist — on one lucky Brazilian man’s Instagram feed. He has photographed Bob, his Golden Retriever (and the namesake for the beyond adorable Insta-account), while the lovable pooch snoozes, plays and generally just hangs out with a multi-species menagerie. The ten of them seem to get along incredibly well, sharing fedoras, toys, blankets and the adoration of almost 60,000 Instagram followers. Don’t believe it? Take a look at these pictures and prepare to be overwhelmed with “awwws.”

Bob doesn’t quite understand the “one fedora per group” rule.

Which one of them is holding the selfie stick?

They just need a few more players, and they’ll have a full soccer team.

Come on, top bird. You have to high five him back.

We’re not sure that’s how the “Got Your Nose” game works.

“They’re on my head again aren’t they?”

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