Prepare for Pet Emergencies

Put together your own pet first-aid kit, prepare for disaster, plus other safety tips.

Make Your Own First-Aid Kit
How to assemble a kit for your dog.

Emergencies and First Aid
Your puppy could get injuries at any time and knowing how to administer first aid is essential before help arrives.

Preparing Pet Owners for Emergencies
The California Veterinary Medical Association is urging pet owners to be prepared for pet health emergencies.

Preparing Pets for Disaster
Pets are at risk of being separated from their owners when natural disasters strike.

Disaster Preparation Checklist
Get ready to protect your dog.

Beware: The Top Five Killers
Many plants can harm your dog is she eats a flower or chews on a stem. The ASPCA names the top five.

Keep Your Dog Safe From Fire
The American Kennel Club offers 11 tips for protecting dogs from danger.

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