Pregnant Dog Confidently Rocks Her Baby Belly For Photoshoot

This pregnant pup's photoshoot proves that beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and species.

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Work it, mama! Via Anna Fotografia/Facebook

Females of every species have the magnificent ability to bring life into this world. We’re basically superheroes. And yet, our bodies are ridiculed and pushed to fit into a restrictive standard in order to be considered beautiful.

Thankfully, it’s 2016 and women of the world are shattering old-fashioned beauty standards with their unwavering confidence. And a pregnant dog named Lilica is a surprising (and wonderful) part of this movement.

Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo took a series of photos with her friend’s pregnant dog, Lilica, as reported by The Dodo. Grillo shared the photos on Facebook page and they turned out beautifully. I mean, this pup WERKED IT like Beyonce at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Lilica wore a pearl collar with a big pink flower, and she beamed for the camera, showing off her adorable smile and growing belly.

Since the photos were taken, Lilica has given birth to five — all of whom have been adopted by Lilica’s extended human family. You can see photos of Lilica with her new babies here.

Congrats to the proud mama, and thanks to her and Ana Paula Grillo for reminding the world that all bodies — big, small, human or canine — are beautiful, just the way they are.

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