Pregnant Dog Miraculously Rescued After Being Buried Alive Beneath Sidewalk

A dog named Belka was rescued by residents after becoming entombed beneath a sidewalk in Russia.

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She's definitely one tough mama.

Imagine walking down the street and hearing a dog whining, only to realize the whines were coming from beneath your feet. That’s exactly what happened in the Russian town of Voronezh — a pregnant dog was found buried alive beneath a sidewalk there.

The dog was apparently using a crawl space under the sidewalk as a shelter, and when the sidewalk was repaired by either unknowing or uncaring workers, she became trapped underneath, CNN reports. Local residents could hear cries and barking coming from underneath the sidewalk for two straight days, but authorities reportedly refused to do anything about it.

That’s when a few kind residents decided to take matters into their own hands and dig their way down to save the pup. The dramatic rescue was posted to YouTube by Vadim Rustam.

Here she comes! Via YouTube

Here she comes! Via YouTube

Working together, they removed the bricks and pushed underlying sand out of the way to retrieve the pregnant dog named Belka.

Free at last, free at last. Via YouTube

Free at last. Via YouTube

Belka was safely rescued, but unfortunately her puppies didn’t make it, according to CNN. Donations are being used to pay for her care, and hopefully she soon will be adopted by a loving family.

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