Pouncing Kitten Fights Broom

Sweeping broom baffled.

Written by
Anastasia Thrift

Cleanliness combats messiness. But you know what combats cleanliness? One firecracker kitten out to murder a broom.

A kitten from Goldstein Cattery valiantly fights a sweeping broom in a video posted to the breeder’s Instagram page. The little Persian cat takes his role as floor defender seriously, and fights the good fight against the bristly foe.

We wondered what might have set the little guy off and came up with a theory. This is a cattery, right? There must be a ton of cat hair on the premises. That’s probably what’s getting swept up as the cat attacks.

In that case, does the kitten think the broom is after him? He must see a lot of fallen soldiers, aka shed fur, being dragged around. He could be out to get that weird, bristly beast that’s after his precious hairs.

If this is the motivation, wherever this kitten goes, floors and cat hair will be able to sleep more soundly at night, knowing he’s out in the world protecting them.

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