Potty Anxiety

Causes and cures for anxiety-related litterbox problems

Cat Fancy- Litterbox Location- August 2011

Few things trouble cat parents more than litterbox problems. After all, no one wants to find a tootsie roll on the living room floor or a wet yellow spot on their bed. While litterbox issues might be caused by medical problems — have your veterinarian rule this out first — a properly potty-trained cat can stop using the litterbox because of stress or anxiety.  

Location, Location, Location
Your cat’s litterbox needs to be in a location that’s appealing for her to use and doesn’t cause tension or fear. Common examples of poor litterbox locations include:
*Next to a furnace, washing machine or other noisy appliance
*In high-traffic areas where children or other home residents create commotion
*Near speakers or surround-sound equipment

“You have to look at it from the cat’s standpoint,” says UC Davis veterinary behaviorist Benjamin Hart, DVM.  “You don’t want it to be inconvenient or where [the cat] is going to be pestered by a dog or kids.”

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