Possible Yeast Infection on Dog’s Mouth

Spots near dog’s mouth may look like mold but its most likely from a yeast infection.

Q. My 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel’s groomer thinks my dog has mold. She has brown markings (mostly spots) around her mouth and near her eyes. What is dog mold? How did Abbey get it? What do I need to do to eliminate it?
A. Wow, I have heard of a salty dog, but never a moldy dog! Your groomer has either discovered a new type of skin disease, or (more likely) may be passing along some misinformation. Her intentions are undoubtedly noble, but her sources may be flawed. Veterinarians spend a fair amount of time dealing with canine urban legends often spread via the Internet. “Dog mold” is not a recognized condition.
The closest thing to “mold spots” might be a yeast infection, a form of fungus or mold. Yeast infections usually only are found in the ear canals or between the toes, where they cause itchiness. They can have a brownish appearance if severe enough.
If your dog has true changes in the color of her skin coat, they may be harmless pigment changes or evidence of underlying disease. Most likely they are not related to her diet. If they aren’t bothering her, don’t be overly concerned. But schedule her annual visit with your veterinarian early this year to get them checked out.

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