Portland Rapper Only Writes Songs About His Cats

"I just love cats, man," Moshow said, when asked to explain his songs.

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Moshow's songs have titles like "Cat World" and "Cat Litter" and feature his three hairless Sphinx cats.

You’d think that cats and rappers would go together like… cats and rappers, but there’s actually a surprising amount of crossover between the two.

Last year, insanely popular duo Run the Jewels raised more than $65,000 on Kickstarter to make an all-meowed version of their latest album. (Meow the Jewels was released in October and its first video — a collection of cat GIFs — is glorious, despite some NSFW language).

And you can add Portland, Oregon-based rapper Moshow to the list of cat lovers. His YouTube channel features several songs that he’s written about his three hairless Sphinx cats, Megamam, Sushi and Tali. MoShow, whose real name is Dwayne Molock, raps completely sincere songs about his pets – and his affinity for all things cat.

“I just love cats, man,” he told KGW News. “I love cats, I love rapping. I’m here to spread the cat love.”

In his song “Cat World,” he raps “I’m chillin’ in a cat world, got cats in the house, cats on the floor.” AND HE DOES. (He also walks his cats on a leash, which is fantastic in its own way).

Sorry, Snoop Dogg, but it’s a Cat World now.

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