Popular Cats Series

Everything you need to know about your favorite breeds is featured in the Popular Cats® Series. From the history of the breed and training, to nutrition, health and activities – these Magabooks® (magazine-books) provide the essential information for all levels of cat owners. Pick one up and see for yourself!
Popular Cats: Maine CoonsPopular Cats: Maine Coons
A big cat with an even bigger heart, the all-American Maine Coon cat has captured the hearts of many. Learn exactly what makes this cat so special, from a brief history of the Maine Coon to where to find a reputable Maine Coon breeder to the quirky personality traits that will make you melt.


Popular Cats: PersiansPopular Cats: Persians
Discover all there is to know about the much-beloved Persian cat breed—from general health care to grooming to how it came to rise in popularity in the United States. With big, round eyes and a luxurious coat of fur, it’s evident why the Persian is the No.1 cat breed in the United States.