‘Pope Dogs’ Are Taking Over The Internet

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States has prompted a new Instagram trend that involves dressing dogs up like the pope’s mini me.

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What up, #popedog? Via foxylauralou/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Pope Francis is in the middle of his historic trip to the United States, and some people are choosing to commemorate his visit in a rather strange — but super cute — way.

Dog owners are using the hashtag #popedog to share photos on Instagram of their pooches decked out in papal attire. From Poms to Pugs to Brussels Griffons, more and more dogs seem to be getting in on the fun.

What happens in Cheesesteak Vegas, STAYS IN CHEESESTEAK VEGAS!!! #POPEWEEK #popedelphia #popeinphilly #PapalPug

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A photo posted by Ricky Rodrigue (@richrodrigue) on

#popedog #popeinphilly #popefrancis #pope #dogsofinstagram #dog #popefrancisph

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And dressing like the pope isn’t just for dogs, either. A few cats and even a bunny have joined in on the trend.

Happy Friday! Remember: "We all have the duty to do good." ~Pope Francis

A photo posted by JHR (@joaonycpr) on

Of all the ways people have celebrated the pope’s visit, we bet Pope Francis never expected this. But these #popedogs sure do have our blessing.

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