Pop Cat Update: Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub

Find out the latest on cats of the year Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub.

Grumpy Cat has paw-scratched a deal with none other than cat-food giant Friskies. Kudos to Friskies for swopping up Grumpy Cat before she could be wooed away with big bucks from a kitty litter company. Doesn’t her trademark pout look like she’s none too happy about a foul-smelling litterbox?

Friskies has not only signed Grumpy Cat on for some brand collaborations, the frumpy female feline is also set to receive the company’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Say meow? This kitty is only a year and half old. One lifetime achievement award down, eight to go.

Funny thing about Spokes-Cats: Spokes-Dogs are forever over-the-top thrilled, while cats can get away with being pissed off. Remember Morris the Cat? He wasn’t happy either, at least, until his owners wised up and cracked open a can of 9Lives. Watching a 9Lives commercial made me conclude that the poor orange tabby Morris’ breakfast was postponed until late afternoon — that surely was only way to get a cat to go from sullen to running for a can of cat food on cue.

Back to Grumpy Cat … I totally get it. She embodies that sarcastic, not-impressed look cats seem especially adept at. If your kitty roommate could talk, you’d expect, “Yes, you really do look fat in that dress, not that you asked,” or “You expect me to eat some preformed mass ejected from a can while you dine on Chicken Kiev?” 

Lil More Lil Bub, Please!
Another kitty warming hearts and building an equally impressive media empire is Lil Bub, the so-cute-it-hurts perma-kitten rescue cat who now hosts her own web-based TV show, Lil Bub’s Big TV Show.

Watch Lil Bub’s Big Show here >>

Of course, as it is with all celebrity cats, this in addition to her book, documentary and social media takeover. Lil Bub TV is a curiously addictive program in talk-show format in which Lil Bub is filmed sitting at her desk in a  “Tonight Show” inspired set scaled down to just her size. Take away the recorded sound bites of Lil Bub meowing and purring paired with her subtitled comments and interview questions, and your eyes would still be glued to your computer screen. If you’ve never found a couple inches of rolled-out tongue set with green-apple eyes appealing, you will change your mind … no one escapes Lil Bub enchantment, no one! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the show’s material is pretty darn cat-tastatic … and even somewhat legit — Whoopi Goldberg is the show’s first guest.

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