Pond Water Quality

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Climbing Pond pH
What can be done about high pH in ponds?

Pond Ammonia Levels and Properly Cycling Your Pond
The amount of ammonia produced by fish does not determine the capacity or effectiveness of a biological filter.

Performing Water Changes While Medicating Aquarium and Pond Fish
Shouldn’t the fish medication be allowed to build up over time?

Aquarium and Pond Water Testing
The only way to determine the quality of aquarium and pond water is to test it.

Oxygenating Pond Plants
Care tips for oxygenating pond plants.

Pond Planning Checklist
Your pond needs to be planned in detail in order to make the process of installing it much smoother.

Choosing the Right Pond Pump for My Pond
What pond pump is best for my backyard pond?

Variegated Buttercup Pennywort Introduced by Aquascapes Unlimited
Crystal Ball is a low growing aquatic plant that features green leaves with cream-colored margins.