Pond Maintenance

Attention Pond Loving Photogs! Enter the Ponds USA & Water Gardens 2014 Photo Contest
Take photos of your pond’s flora and fauna or just your beautiful pond as a whole, and your photo might be included in the 2015 issue!

How to Clean Clogged Pond Sump Pumps and Filter Screens
There are ways to decrease the amount of maintenance sump pumps and filter screens need.

Fish Pond Size and Shape
Bonus content from the April 2009 AFI magazine article Pond Planner.

Pond Planning Checklist
Your pond needs to be planned in detail in order to make the process of installing it much smoother.

Choosing the Right Pond Pump for My Pond
What pond pump is best for my backyard pond?

The Pond Build of Laura Rathe of PetsWithoutPartners.org
The co-founder of Pets Without Partners builds her dream pond.

Do-It-Yourself Spray Fountain, Overflow & Bubbling Fountains
Do you want to build your own water feature? Follow these do-it-yourself tips.

Using Salt for Goldfish and Koi
Salt will not keep your pond from freezing during the winter.

Affordable Filters
There are more affordable filters available.

Swimming Pool Fish Pond
Can you use a swimming pool or kiddie pool for a fish pond?